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Road Warrior 01-03-2010 10:59 PM

Across the U.S. on a horse
OK, so here's my first post on this forum. I'm a 38 yr. old man, 2nd wife, and currently without horses.
I previously had horses, but due to nasty divorce, I sold the 2 best trail horses known to man. :cry:

Last night, my wife asked me this question - "if you had $100,000 and a month of vacation, what would you do?"

Without hesitating, I told her I'd get on a horse with whatever I could carry and ride west for 2 weeks, turn around and ride back home.

Since I was a young kid of 14, I've wanted to jump on a horse and just ride. I don't have a destination in mind. I really don't even care which direction I go. I feel like I was born about 150 years late!! I want to be a drifter, with just enough money to keep me and my horse healthy, a pistol belt full of ammo and clothes to keep me warm!

I'm 38 years old now - I've got a few years until I retire with a good pension and hopefully I'll still be in good health. My retirement plan involves a comfortable saddle, good horse, and an accurate rifle! I plan on taking off on a cross country trip of the good ole USA.

I'd just like to know how many of you out there think I'm crazy? Who has the same dream? How many of you would let me camp on your land as I pass through?

Happy new year everyone - may your trails be as gentle as the horse you ride!

Honeysuga 01-03-2010 11:10 PM

I don't think you are crazy, heck if you come my way I might join you for a bit! It is always good to have a dream and even better to have the drive to follow that dream! I wish you good luck and happy trails!

ShutUpJoe 01-03-2010 11:13 PM

My husband and I were talking about this. I'd love to do this : )

Sophie19 01-03-2010 11:43 PM

I've always wanted to ride coast to coast. I want to get me a little hardy Arabian or Barb or something and go for it.

MacabreMikolaj 01-04-2010 12:27 AM

I think distance riding has always been my passion. Since I was a teenager with horses at my grandpa's farm, the nearest cowboys were 10 miles away, so it was nothing to find me miles upon miles from home, seeking out new riding partners on my handy little unexhaustable 14hh Arabian mare.

I've always thought about riding from coast to coast across Canada, hopefully for a worthy cause I believe in to raise money. I don't know if it will ever happen, but I tip my hat to anyone with the guts and determination to try it!

SmoothTrails 01-04-2010 12:41 AM

I would ride with you. I'll take one of my walkers and have a good time of it. It sounds lile a wonderful time, and I would love to do something like that one day. It would be really cool to have a long ride like that for a cause.

jamesqf 01-04-2010 02:20 AM


Originally Posted by Road Warrior (Post 510503)
I'd just like to know how many of you out there think I'm crazy?

I think you're crazy - and a good thing, too. I don't have much use for normal people :-)

PaintsPwn 01-04-2010 02:37 AM

Me thinks we need to gather a group, and just all head across America. Someones done this already (guy from Best of America by Horseback), took him four months 8| They had over 200 riders I think?

I'd do it in a heartbeat!

Road Warrior 01-04-2010 10:52 PM

Well, I'm sure glad I'm not the only one to have this desire. It would be great to get a big group together and ride across the country. Heck, why not drive a few cattle and horses too!!

Walkamile 01-05-2010 09:01 AM

Road Warrior, you're welcome to camp at my place when you get to Maine. That is if you were planning to go to Maine.

I think it would be a hoot if HF members rode with you in their state. I would definitely love to do that and gather my club members to join the journey!

Good luck to you and keep us posted on the developments of your plan!

PS: I think most horse people are a little crazy each in their own way. Who would spend the money we do and work as hard as we do? But it's a good crazy! :wink:

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