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Lis 01-04-2010 06:45 AM

Worst fall/injury
So I was thinking about how horse riding is considering a dangerous sport and I thought I'd find out about your worst fall or injury caused by riding or just being round horses. I have four:
1. In January 2008 I was riding a Welsh D at my riding school and we were jumping. Farren decided he was a bronco so would take off after the jump and buck. He was an expert at this and I was managing to get him over and jumping reasonably then on the second to last jump he just gave an almighty buck after taking off. Because of the sharp turn he did while taking off I lost a stirrup then he bucked and I went flying. Landed very painfull but got back on a quiet, older horse and finished the lesson. A couple of days later my shoulder wouldn't stop hurting so I went to the hospital and discovered I'd cracked my shoulder blade or one of the ribs underneath it, they knew I'd broken something but they weren't sure what I had broken, and I'd also ripped the muscles in my shoulder from trying to hold on.

2. Several years ago now I was riding one of the little Welshies who was an evil bugger at times but on this occasion he wanted to follow two horses who were cantering in front of him. I wouldn't let him so he got the bit between his teeth and took off. When Zac realised I was trying to stop him he stopped dead with his head down and I took a tumble but to make sure I wouldn't try to stop him again he cow kicked me in the chest as he went past. I was so grateful I was wearing my body protector that day otherwise I would have had broken ribs.

3. I went on a hack with a group consisting of me, my sister, my mum, an instructor and two other people. We came to a field and while the instructor was laying out how we were going to gallop the field one of the other riders decided enough was enough and just kicked his horse into a gallop. No one was prepared so all the horse took off and charged down the field. This other rider decided to come up alongside me and could clearly see I was attempting to slow down but he decided we were going to race so kicked his horse on again and my horse just went after him. I did win the race but when Oscar went from a gallop straight down to a trot I pitched over his head and landed on my head which caused me to black out. My mum nearly killed this bloke because he had also charged across the path of my sister's horse which caused the horse to have to stop dead and nearly rear to avoid a crash.

4. As I was mounting a Dartmoor mare called Brandy who was a biter so I had her further rein shorter so she couldn't whip her head round. As I was getting on her I must have loosened that rein so she snaked her head round and took a chunk out of my arm. She left a very nasty bite that was bleeding and bruised.

JumpingTheMoon 01-04-2010 07:21 AM

Yipes! You've had some nasty experiences! I would have probably tried to kill that guy too quite honestly.

I've had a couple of spills. Worst one for me was took a fence wrong during a cross country run. My horse clipped the top and flipped, I managed to fall clear of him but I hit the fence full force on my side. Amazingly didn't crack any ribs but felt like I couldn't breathe for the longest time. Somehow too my horse came out of it ok.

Lis 01-04-2010 07:26 AM

Ouch, I bet you felt that the next day.

And those are just some of them. The first one stood out because that was the second to last time I rode at that place, lost confidence in my instructor after that fall because she lied about how I came off despite my sister being on the same lesson and a girl who went to my school was on the same lesson and she remember him bucking but my instructor claimed he wasn't bucking at all apart from a little buck at the start. If I'd come off the way she'd said I would have broken my right side of my collar bone not done my left shoulder in. Wasn't impressed especially when she argued I must have hit my head so I wasn't remembering right.

LoveStory10 01-04-2010 08:21 AM

I was jumping my mare Love Story, and we were tackling a combination. It was an upright, 4 strides, an oxer, 1 stride, then another upright. Anyway over the first upright she freaked and overjumped it (these jumps wernt high, only 80cm) then charged towards the oxer, I couldnt stop her, and she cat leapt the oxer, causing me to lose both my stirrups and I almost fell. I knew that if I tried to stop her from jumping the last jump, I was going to come off, so I just held on and prayed. But then she did something I wasnt expecting, She grabbed the bit between her teeth and ran out. I was slipping, so I clung to her side and kicked my feet out of the stirrups, but before I could jump off, she ran into another jump, which knocked me in the head. I fell hard, scraping my back pretty hard. I also had a bad concussion, a sprained wrist, and a nosebleed. I lost consiousness for a few minutes. When I came round Love Story was standing over me, and my jumping instructer was trying to get me out from under her without hurting me. He freaked out when he saw how bad I was. I was fine the next day after spending the night in hospital. But no matter what, I will never blame Love Story, I think she was trying to protect me :)

Lis 01-04-2010 08:26 AM


gypsygirl 01-04-2010 12:20 PM

my worst is probably when my old pony decided she didnt want to halt from a walk. my trainer just gave a very small tug on the rein & she flipped out & reared so high she flipped over & landed on top of me. we didnt have an arena so we were riding in a packed down dirt paddock so the footing was extremely hard. i was unconcious for over half an hour & had to be helicoptered into the city. i had a really bad concussion & they thought i was going to be brain damaged but i was not. thankfully i was wearing my helmet, it seriously saved my life ! it was broken into two peices & the hospital still has it to show people why they need to wear their helmets !!

another bad one was getting bucked off & breaking my arm & hand in sept ! NOT fun & the hospital pretty much tortured me =/

ILoveePetal 01-04-2010 01:06 PM

Hiyyaa imm neww youve had somee badd falls i personnally havent had many bad falls but my friend fell of hers whilst jumping landed on the jump then her horse still jumped he jump and kicked herr in the head.

Sketter 01-04-2010 01:14 PM

My worst fall was about a year ago. I was jumping a horse I leased at the time, she was still green and we did a combo around the arena there were some small bounces and a gate then I went to the last jump, It was 3 water barrels with a pole on top I think around 3'3" and my coach had put guide rails on the jump...well she jumped the guide rail about 4 feet and then cut the corner. I went flying off but god my foot stuck in the sturrup (from my spur) and Tore my PCL and Miniscus (sp?) tissue. It was insanly painful

Smarby 01-04-2010 01:23 PM

Yikes, GypsyGirl! Nasty fall!
I haven't had any really bad ones. My worst was when i was just riding into a forest with Dougal and he started napping. He spun round but where he went to palce his front feet was a massive ditch so he fell headfirst into the ditch and i went catapaulting over his head and landed on my face. I was uninjured apart from a very sore chin.

My friend has had a worse fall than me on him, actually. He was napping really badly and he reared up so high he flipped straight over backwards and landed on the verge. Luckily she fell off before he hit the ground. That was not a good day. xD

smrobs 01-04-2010 02:00 PM

I only have 2 that I was hurt very bad.

1- I fell off a big (15.2, 1200 pound) roan mare about 10 years ago and hurt myself pretty bad. I pushed her farther than she was ready to go and ate dirt as a result. I was training her and even though she wasn't ready to be outside the roundpen, I was, so I took her out. I had my head up my butt and she boogered at some scary monster, which in turn tossed me out to the side, which scared her more and she took off bucking HARD. I stayed with her for a couple of jumps but she got the best of me. I ended up landing on the side of my head and my shoulder. I layed out in the pasture for a couple hours thinking that I had broken my neck and how stupid I had been to push her so fast. Anyway, I started to get that tingly feeling all over and finally was able to crawl back to the house. I spent the next month going to the chiro every day and still have back problems.

2- I was 9 years old and riding a supposedly "kid broke" horse for a friend that he was considering buying for his daughters. My brother and I were loping down a dirt road here in town when he saw the big boogerman in the lot to our right. He sucked back left, and I didn't. I put my arms out to catch myself and managed to break my left arm. I pretty much shattered it and then pushed all the little bone fragments through my wrist and up into my hand. Ended up going through 3 surgeries, 4 screws, 1 pin, and an external fixator before it was even close to right. The Dr. told my folks that I would probably never have use of my 3 outside fingers on that hand due to nerve damage. Fortunately, they were wrong. I still have some mobility issues and it hurts all the time but at least I can use it.

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