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sherie 01-04-2010 09:12 AM

help needed to sell/lease AQHA gelding
Looks like I am going to have to downsize and have never sold a horse. My heart is breaking and I dont know where to start..

Zippy is a gelding 16h and just turned 7. I have only used him for trail rides but the man I got him from was a trainer for Western Pleasure. He said that the horse was broke at 4yrs and he had him about 2 yrs. They bought him to train him but seperation/divorce forced sale. Said he would have been a Champion.He was 6 when I got him and the man said he had ridden him about 15 times for training. He is a foundation QH but is built like a TB. Supposed to have great blood lines
HIs reg# is 4629147
Sire is Up Standing Zipper/ Zipped m Barred/Zippo Pat Bars
Amy Walker/Cloud Walker
Dam Miss Flashy Zippen

He is a great horse with good ground manners,head set, lope to die for
Also a friends sister who rides english really likes him. Says he has a great extended trot and could show English also. She even jumped him a little.

No vices or health issues except will sometimes crowhop when going in to a lope. He gets excited if the other horses take off first and we only ride him about twice a mth. I guess he needs work on transistions or I am giving him the wrong cues. He is very sensative to leg which I really dont know anything about. He has been riden on trails since I have had him. Will cross water, logs ect and has no problems with traffic. Not spooky
He is a Chestnut with a good size star on his head. Very pretty, friendly and curious.

Any suggestions on how to market and or price would be appreciated,.

iridehorses 01-04-2010 09:28 AM

There are a lot of sites, including our own forum, where you can list your horse for sale. Start by looking at other horses for sale and seeing how those ads attract you. I would have some excellent conformation shots of him, and a good video. Be sure that the video has a very good rider that will show him in the best light because prospective buyers will pick apart your photos and video.

List his accomplishments and skills as well as those of his parents. Avoid words like "I think he ....." and "He should be good at ..." .
Buyers want to know what he has done. Temperament is important. If he is good for a beginner, that is important to mention but don't exaggerate - you don't want someone getting hurt. Mention that as a 4 year old he had professional training in WP even though you only trail rode him.

Get some pictures and a video if possible on the forum and let our members see how the ad looks.

BTW, be clear about his price and make your location known.

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