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Jarrett 01-05-2010 01:26 PM

Our horse feeding program - input requested
Hello, I'm new to the forum. We've been keeping our horses at home for the last almost 2 years now. We have the following:

2yo Paint filly - 14.2 - 800lbs
8yo Paint mare - 15.2 - 1000lbs
9yo QH Gelding - 15 - 950lbs
15yo Paint Gelding - 15.3 - 1250lbs

We have been giving them the following:

AM - 2.5lbs of Bryant Energy Plus feed (14% protein/7% fat) along with a dose of StrongidC 2X (5lbs for the QH Gelding)

PM - 2.5lbs of Bryant Energy Plus feed (5lbs for the QH Gelding)

During the warm months, they graze in our 5 acre pasture. During cold months, we haul in costal round bales every week or so. We also have a mineral block and clean source of water for them.

Our Paints do well on the 5lbs a day, but the QH (who has been here for 5 months) seems to not hold his weight as well on the same. After getting his teeth floated and deworming him, we've recently bumped him up to double the amount of feed a day at roughly 10lbs to try and get him back up to weight.

The feed is $10/bag and we usually go through about 15 bags a month. Round bales are about $65-75 in our area and we usually get about 2-3 a month in cooler months.

We're in North Central Texas. We have several feeds and feed stores available to us and could potentially haul in good quality alfalfa as well.

I'm wondering if this is the most economical and healthy diet we could have them on or is there a better way to spend our money?

sillybunny11486 01-05-2010 01:40 PM

We get:
4 bags 12% grain
3 bags beet pulp
3 bags alf pellets
Fifth bag of Flax
30 bales (one per day)
------------------------per month.

Two horses and one yearling. I prefer hay/ forage products over grain any day.

You might not need the daily dewormer. Ive never had an infestation, except if a horse came to me with it. For me 4x a year dewormer is quite adequate. Talk to your vet about it.

GoldRush 01-05-2010 01:52 PM

I recommend a panacur purge for all, then 4x/yr worming. The purge will get all the little worm eggs, and the worms that survive the strongid. Daily wormer seems a bit overkill (Pun intended! :) ) The rule of thumb seems to be 1% of body weight per day feed ratio, so the big guy should get 12.5 lbs of feed daily. Alfalfa puts weight on, but I would give him pellets or cubes as a 'lunch' instead of hay. He is getting up in years (My guy is 16 now) so may not be absorbing or digesting hay as efficiently as the other younger horses. I put my QH on Equine Senior with some alfalfa cubes as a snack/lunch, and his weight went right back to normal.

sillybunny11486 01-05-2010 02:28 PM

My vet suggested a powerpack every other year or so. Its good to do, but she thought I didnt really need it as much, as no one moves around at my barn.

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