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KiwiGal77 01-07-2010 01:55 AM

Easyboot Edge
Hi there,
I am considering buying a full set of these boots for my recently converted barefoot TB, he is very tender at the moment and needs boots. I currently have Old Mac G2s on the front but don't like them coming above the coronet.
Has anyone used these boots or know anyone who has? Any comments about them would be greatly appreciated :-)


kitten_Val 01-07-2010 07:33 AM

I have pair for each of my horses. :) I started with Easyboot bare, then tried Epic (didn't like that one much - lots of concerns with wires) and then upgraded to Edge this year. I think they are nice, and they fit my qh perfectly (she has "easyboot" foot shape - oval), but they are really good on my round hoof paint too. They are below the band, easy to apply and stay really good in mud because of the gator. I tried cavallo and old macks and they didn't fit nearly as good.

And btw the cheapest place to buy them is Or you can upgrade your old macs directly at the easyboot website.

KiwiGal77 01-07-2010 02:44 PM

Thanks for the comments. I am in New Zealand so unfortuantely can't get them nice and cheap or exchange :-(.

Have you found any bad points to them yet? Does the Worm Clamp system seem relatively tough and stable so it won't break after a month? Do the horses move nice and freely in them?

I will be riding over hilly gravel tracks (not very extreme) and through forrests. Also doing dressage in sand and course arena sand/rubber arena's - do you think these surfaces would give the boots any trouble?

Thanks heaps :D

kitten_Val 01-07-2010 05:38 PM

Frankly I don't know about the clamp system. It does look tough, but I used them for just about 2 weeks before all that awful weather hit and I didn't go to the trails since that. I used Bares for like 6 months thru all different terrains and they were in great shape still. However I'm afraid you may get sand in boots if you use them in arena extensively. At least I had this issue with Epics.

KiwiGal77 01-07-2010 07:47 PM

Yea I don't think there is a boot on the market (except perhaps gloves) that wouldn't get some sand in. The Old Macs are pretty bad at getting things in, wouldn't think the Edge's would be too bad because they are supposed to be quite a close fit and have that padded tongue

kitten_Val 01-08-2010 12:09 PM

The tightest one was Epics in fact. Because of that wire system it was really tight at the top. I think Edge is little looser (and Bares are even looser because you can't really adjust them). But I still think they should be better tight-wise then old macks.

JustRide181 01-08-2010 10:20 PM

Depending on the shape of your horse's hooves - I would skip the edges and go for the Gloves.

We had problems with the edges "tongues" pulling out under the worm clamp - they are also pretty heavy.

The gloves are fantastic if your horse is reasonably close to the right hoof shape - and you have to be able to maintain between trims, as they do need to fit very well. Better for a more transitioned foot, but if your general shape isn't too far from it, then worth a go.

PS - LOVE your country! I am hoping to come back on my honeymoon in 2011 :) Had a wonderful visit in 2008 and did tons of riding - completely by accident, we rode at 3 different commercial horse trekking companies, both north and south island, and they ALL were barefoot! The gal we stayed with in Whangarei had barefoot horses, but we rode with her on her neighbor's horses for a few days, they were the only ones (backyard ponies) that were NOT barefoot! One of the commercial gigs was just starting out with barefoot, in Paihia, so it was really fun to talk feet even being halfway across the world!

RedHawk 01-08-2010 10:59 PM

I have a pair of edges and my only complaint would be that the gator has torn a couple of times, but that's easy fixed as you just buy a new one from the website.
The worm clamp is good and tough, never had any issues with it nor with the tongue, and the boot stays secure on the hoof, even on a 4 hr trail ride. The edges do get some dirt and sand in there, but not much.
I don't think they are that heavy, my horse has never shown any discomfort, in fact up until recently he traveled better in the boots, now his feet have toughened up he travels pretty much the same, unless on large gravel, so I just use them on long rides/ trail rides.
The benefit the edges have over the bares and the gloves is that you can put foam pads in them. If your horse is sore/tender or landing toe-first definitely put him in boots that can have pads in them. Pads will make him comfortable and get him landing heel-first which strengthens the internal structures of the hoof (quoting my trimmer here), I have seen this with my own horse, also a TB.

KiwiGal77 01-08-2010 11:45 PM

Thanks for the replies :-)

Don't think he could have gloves yet, his feet are still chipping quite a bit and are a tad uneven in shape due to healing from several abscess holes. Although it is awfully tempting still!! We also don't have the fit kits here yet, so it's a bit of guess work with the sizing.
But in saying that they are cheaper, so could always sell them and buy more if his feet change shape in a couple of months .... ooo super tempting! lol
Good to hear you had such a good holiday here in NZ! It really is a beautiful country and I'm glad you got to see the best of it's beauty from onboard a nice barefoot horse!

kitten_Val 01-09-2010 11:03 AM

With gloves you have to be very careful. My qh hoof shape seems to be closest to the ideal measurements they post on site. So I was very excited. But when I ordered the fit kit (Easyboot lets you order 3 sizes boot to try for free (just S&H) - the closest size +/- 1) neither boot was good. The measured one was too small on bottom (she was in mid of her trimming period) and the bigger one was too loose on top. While the idea is great IMO the hoofs should be really perfect for them to stay on in bad riding (like mud, streams and so on). Also I'm little concern with the fact hoof is growing between the trims. So if you measure right after the trim it'll be too small before the next trim.

BTW, Edges are lighter and nicer looking then Bares from my experience. :)

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