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EZFEED 01-08-2010 01:18 AM

New guy needing advice on working horses
Hello all! I need some advice here. I am looking into buying a few horses to help out on my ranch. I've got a somewhat small place, bout 23 acres, and I keep Bison. I have good animals and they are content and dont roam EXCEPT when the neighbor leaves a gate unlatched :? Usually I can get them to come right in, as a matter of fact all I usually do is raise my hand and fuss and the few that do tend to walk out will come right back but some of the older bulls are a little defiant and will continue about their buisness until I get on the 4 wheeler, get in front of them, and fire off a few rounds to motivate them back.

I've been thinking of getting a couple horses to replace the 4 wheeler and for working. I really wanted to go with a couple Mustangs because I like wild things and they seem to do OK with Bison from what other Bison ranchers tell me because they are always more aware of whats going on around them.

Heres the problem, I am 6'2" and 280lb (In the process of losing :lol:) and I am concerned that the Mustang may not be large enough for me. I need something that will carry myself, maybe a little bit of gear like fencing pliers or a rifle, and tack. Will I need a draft size or will a mustang suit? And jfyi the only reason I have preferred the Mustang is because I also collect the classic automobile version of the pony and it seemed fitting.

kevinshorses 01-08-2010 01:30 AM

A mustang could probably carry you but if you adopted a wild one it would most likely make you want your four-wheeler back. They are not for the inexperienced. Look for a nice older well broke horse. Doesn't matter the breed or even really the size as long as it's 15 hands or more (there will be some arguement about that). The most important thing for someone getting into horses is to get something that won't get them hurt. after you get some experience you may want to get a different horse but you have to crawl before you walk.

EZFEED 01-08-2010 01:45 AM

Perhaps so, I may opt for one thats older and broke like you say. I always thought that mustangs were sub 14 hands, do they get around 15 or more???? I am familiar with horses to a degree....I'm more utilitarian about them I guess you'd say but I have never owned any myself. I do allot of civil war reenacting also and I may also want to employ one for that role.

Cheshire 01-08-2010 02:10 AM

Mustangs are generally smaller, yes, but there are a lot of exceptions. I know someone who has a gelding born on the range who is 16.1. Breed-wise you may also want to also look into quarter horses. They can be smaller as well, but a good quarter would be able to hold the weight and do what you ask of it. Excellent horses. I'm sure there are "bison-y" qh's out there.

As for reenactment...definitely look for something that is an older "been there, done that" horse. I suspect there are a lot of loud noises and general commotion, and as a newer rider you will want a horse that doesn't mind it so much, heh.

EZFEED 01-08-2010 02:23 AM

Cool cool, do appreciate it mam. Yes lots of noises but thats not a problem to break them of that if it's done gradually. We broke a friends of it a couple years back, got it used to having a pistol fired off it then worked our way up. She doesn't flinch a bit now and we've used her in movies with lots of pyrotechnics in the past. Great pony and I'd love to own her but my buddy wont give her up :)

wild_spot 01-08-2010 04:39 AM

I don't think you would go far wrong with either a well-broke mustang OR QH. It might be a good idea to get a horse that has done some cattle work - Bison can be trickier to work than cattle and a horse with some stock-work experience would be a definite plus if your bulls can sometimes be 'confrontational' - Lol. If you were in Australia I would recommend an Australian Stock Horse - I actually got some bulls in on him yesterday and got charged by a bull and he got me out of it in one piece, and a hammering heart!

Honeysuga 01-08-2010 05:57 AM

I say get you a well broke ranch Qh right now that will be able to handle your bison and further your knowledge in riding and horse wonership and when you have a little more time in the saddle, then move up to a challenge like a Mustang. Just my opinion.

Or if you do end up finding yourself a stang, make sure to work with a professional trainer, they benefit greatly from a well trained horseperson rather than a beginner.

Being a beginner it could be just a bit overwhelming working with one, they are crafty and extremely smart, much like your bison. (I own one) An inexperienced person could do a lot of damage to himself and the animal, both mentally and physically. As Kevin said, A little time with a feral horse can and will make wish you had decided to just stick with your atv.

It is great you are interested in such a wonderful breed of horse.

Welcome to the forum and world of horses!

EZFEED 01-08-2010 06:44 AM

You know, one of my buddies here at work raises QH's and I may just get one from him for the time being. I know all of my stuff will be a good fit with one of his, I do need to get my saddle repaired though. Sad to say it's been sitting a log time and has gotten kind of hard and the old cracks got a little worse in the leather.

I would hope to eventually get a couple mustangs though. As you said they are crafty and smart and I do like that about them :) Same as my Bison, independant and self sufficient...kinda like me. I've got my place out there in the sticks all alone and little empire lol! Anyway, thank you kindly for the advice! :)

Cowgirl140ty 01-08-2010 07:30 AM

If your looking for something like a mustang because you like wild things. You could also consider and appaloosa. Which is an indian breed. I own three... and i do cattle work and they do great. Appaloosas tend to be fearless and work of a bond of love betther than forced. I know... because my older one was started rough... when I got him.. i had to completely re-train him. (i am a trainer) And now I am the only one who can ride him. But look at the indians... they never used bridals or even kept their horses in a fence. Here is a video I love by the way... this appalossa Is working Buffalo.

Honeysuga 01-08-2010 07:46 AM

It is a Native American breed, Indians are from India.

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