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MacabreMikolaj 01-09-2010 08:03 PM

Jynxy's making progress!
So we had an absolutely fantastic ride today. I tacked her up and warmed her up a little bit in the roundpen as we've been in a cold spell and I haven't saddled her up in awhile. She was dead on with every cue, not a hint of resistance or buck, calming paying attention to me. I saddled up and we worked a ton on leg pressure - I'm at the stage where I'm asking her to face the fence and yield away from the pressure. She was a little confused, but is picking it up fast and listening to my leg commands if they're insistant enough. She was doing excellent so I opened the gate (I love this **** horse!) and moseyed out to the front yard, passing many scary objects on the way as to which she didn't even glance at. She was full of energy today, gave me a beautiful trot willingly, working on a circle in the open yard, not caring a wit about anything she saw. I decided to ask her for a canter and she nailed it - came off a circle, sat down, little inside leg, ask with the outside leg with a firm "Canter" and she stepped off instantly. First time without needing to tap her for encouragement! I'm focusing on just a few strides in straight lines now, getting her used to the command and the feel of it. After that she was feeling spunky and decided she would like to canter without me asking her, so we went right back to some walk-trot-whoa transitions with leg pressure and she settled back down!

Haha, anyway, that was kind of a novel, but I figured Jynxy might have a fan or two who'd like to know how she's doing. :lol: Feel free to critique anything, or offer suggestions if you think I could be doing something better!

riccil0ve 01-09-2010 08:54 PM

I'm a Jynx fan! I always read your updates with her. =]

It sounds like everything is going really well for you, you've done a great job with her. I remember seeing her pictures from when you first got her. =] What are your future plans with her? Will you keep her or is she going to be sold when she's started?

MacabreMikolaj 01-09-2010 10:03 PM

I honestly don't know. She's always had the aura of being a re-sale project, but I wouldn't be opposed to keeping her if she breaks out into something I could really have a use for. The way she's going, I think she'll make an excellent youth mount in a couple of years, so it's definately a possibility she'll be sold especially if I continue on with my plans to breed Zierra in 2011. I'd likely keep her as a mount at least until the foal was ready to be broken in.

Haha, I really have no clue! Either way, I'll be ensuring she has a good home regardless of where she goes. I'd always make a lousy horse flipper - I get to attached and I'm to concerned with where they end up!

riccil0ve 01-09-2010 10:14 PM

I hear ya! I feel the same about my little one, Gracie. I love her to pieces, but if push comes to shove, she's the one I'm going to sell. [Ricci's going to be mine forever, I'm going to get her the immortal elixir =P] I have no idea what I'll do with Gracie either, probably keep her until I can't anymore. =]

Anywho, best of luck with her progress and any future rehoming she may or may not need. =]

Wallaby 01-09-2010 10:37 PM

I'm a Jynx fan too!

She looks like she's doing awesome! I'd be scared to canter in the snow...but I suppose if you fall you have more cushion. haha She sounds like she has a really good head on her shoulder too.

And she's so clean too. O.o Lacey doesn't look nearly that white and Lacey's blanketed! haha

riccil0ve 01-09-2010 10:52 PM


Originally Posted by Wallaby (Post 517273)
Lacey doesn't look nearly that white and Lacey's blanketed! haha

It's the black and white coat. The black always makes the white look whiter. Even when Ricci's really dirty, you can't tell except her mane gets yellow-looking. =]

MacabreMikolaj 01-09-2010 11:25 PM

Haha, no way, winter is the time to canter! We know exactly what's in the front yard, and there's no ice, so it's actually safer cantering in the snow then on the grass I find. We have way more slips in summer then we do in winter.

It probably is the snow and the black. She's actually covered in yucky stains right now, you just can't see them from the glare of the sun off the snow and her coat :lol:

smrobs 01-09-2010 11:45 PM

I was going to comment on how she looks so white :D LOL. Great work, gotta love those stock horses, huh ;)? Sounds like you are making wonderful progress and I must say; both you and Shay-la are braver women than I. It has been in the teens and single digits (F) here with wind chills in the negatives and you have to drag me outside kicking and screaming.

Keep up the good work. I, too, am enjoying the updates.

MacabreMikolaj 01-09-2010 11:55 PM

Thanks smrobs! Living here, it really isn't an option. We have people who refuse to ride in winter and I cannot fathom it. And these are people with heated barns and arenas! If we didn't combat the cold, we'd be ponyless all winter. Today it was actually -36F with the windchill but it was a measly south wind, so it wasn't that bad :lol: It's supposed to get gorgeous this week though - we're actually supposed to get up to around 32F which is unheard of in January!

EveningShadows 01-10-2010 12:06 AM

As nice as it would be, I'll believe it when I see it...LOL! I'm very skeptical! I know it's going to get warmer, but I don't know about plus temps! With the windchill it'll probably still be -10 C or so...but still a HUGE improvement!

I think my philosophy is that if you bundle up enough, it's only the tiny body parts that really freeze...fingers and toes are easy enough to thaw!

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