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Dani9192 01-10-2010 11:46 PM

So today...!
Today my horse tried to kill me! Several times! I worked from 10-4 this morning and had to come back at 5, so I decide that it would be nice to go give my horse some exercise during my break since she hadn't been out in two weeks, due to the ice. (the weather was nice enough to melt most off today). I groom her.. Then get her ready to lounge and she freaks out! I'm talking rearing and striking at me with her hooves, i'm only doing halter at this point, just to get her in gear because she hasn't worked for so long. When she doesn't respond positively to the repeated(only after she rears) backings i gave her. I decide i'll get some energy out by lounging anyways! HAAA can you say mistake? Close up, you've got the reach, but in a circle not so much :) She was trying to get me, for real, she was bucking at me like crazy, like i was a crazy horse killer or something. I eventually quit because i wasn't trying to die! ya know? I think it was the warmer weather, but she's never been so violent towards me ever. Did i mention the trying to chomp at my arm every time i backed her. seriously chomping! I don't even know what to think, jeez.:shock:

chazzle09 01-11-2010 01:17 AM

hey i had had the same problem. My horse went crazy when i didnt train her for about a week. I realized that i should have taken it step by step. like dont do all of the training in one day just the first day groom hiim or her and give her lots of attetion. when she realizes that you care again then you can start training her. thatds what i do whenever i come back from holidays or soemthing. hope this works!!!!!!! chazzle09

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