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Pidge 01-12-2010 11:34 AM

Getting him to bow...
Well Ive been researching on how to get my gelding to bow down on one knee...I even have a how to book on horse tricks at home and have read it. I know how im suppose to train him to do it...the issue is he is either stubborn or just to darn flexible as little sense as that may make...

In the book it said to get him to lift his leg then to use a treat to coax his nose back towards between his legs...this in turn is suppose to make him lean back and eventually end up on his knee (hope I explained that well)

It is working...He will fallow the treat back and he almost gets the entire way down...about four inches between knee an ground...but he is so darn flexible that he nearly has his entire face between his legs at this point lol an i dont wanna over stretch him so i usually let him have the treat for coming so close...(it said in the book that when your first starting to reward anything close to a bow)

So I guess my question is does it seem like a lost cause or does he just need more work on it? we have been trying for a few weeks...I wanna teach him to bow so i can actually mount bareback without having to take a running start an flying leap....

Thats another question...I read that it wont hurt him to mount him when he is bowed down on one this true? I dont wanna hurt my boy lol

MacabreMikolaj 01-12-2010 11:41 AM

He just needs a bit more work. Jynx is essentially the same way - the problem being, they're not shifting their hind legs back to go into a bow, they're trying to just hunker down and grab the treat. Jynx used to be awful for it, I swear she almost fell on me a few times because that bent leg would be between her back legs. Now she's starting to understand she needs to scooch her hind legs back as she's leaning back.

I would just keep at it and get a little more determined about getting that knee on the ground before he gets his treat. Be careful because sometimes they get a little unbalanced, but so far I've seen in Jynx that she's starting to understand she's perfectly fine on three legs and CAN step backwards with her hind end.

This video shows what I'm talking about - as she goes down, you can see she's feeling confident enough to take a step back with her hind leg to make room for her bent leg.

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