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barnprincess 01-14-2010 08:34 AM

grain question
This strains off my other thred a while ago about some one telling me to use the triple crown complete on top of the 30% supplement. you guys told me no and ive read your not supposed to. she just gets beet pulp with it. Now that question lead me to ask how come you cant ? Im curious what would happen lets say i fed her normal amount of 30% and added 3 qts a day to it ? Not saying im doing that. im asking why you cant and what the reactions would be. If any one knows. I just figured it was an overload of vitamins and minerals b/c the 30% is pretty strong. so any one know? thanks :-)

farmpony84 01-14-2010 10:27 AM

I don't think you need supplements with Triple Crown Senior. Unless it's a joint supplement.

sillybunny11486 01-14-2010 10:31 AM

Is that 30% fat you mean?
Complete is ment to be fed as is, without any additional types of grain. If you feed a complete feed and a 30% I think there would be way to much fat. Call a rep.

barnprincess 01-14-2010 12:48 PM

Im not feeding senior ? Im feeding the 30% supplement. heres the stats
Crude Protein (min.) 30.0%Lysine (min.) 2.0%Methionine & Cystine (min.) 1.0%Threonine (min.) 1.0%Crude Fat (min.) 3.0%Crude Fiber (max.) 4.0%Calcium (min.) 4.0%Calcium (max.) 5.0%Phosphorus (min.) 1.5%Magnesium (min.) 2.4%Iron (min.) 750 ppmPotassium (min.) 1.4%Selenium (min.) 3.4 ppmZinc (min.) 940 ppmManganese (min.) 580 ppmCopper (min.) 295 ppmVitamin A (min.) 36,000 IU/lb.Vitamin D (min.) 6,000 IU/lb.Vitamin E (min.) 1,000 IU/lb.Vitamin C (min.) 270 mg/lb.Biotin (min.) 1.40 mg/lb.Lactobacillus Acidophilus Bacteria (min.) 10.0 million CFU/gmSaccharomyces Cerevisiae (min.) 20.0 million CFU/gmCellulase (min.) 850 CMC–ase units/lb.Protease (min.) 3.50 Northrup Units/lb
YOUNG PERFORMANCE HORSES: Horses working at a light to moderate level should be fed 1.5 pounds of Triple Crown 30% Supplement per day. Horses working at a moderate to intense level should be fed 2 pounds of Triple Crown 30% Supplement per day. All performance horses should receive plenty of good quality forage (at least 8 pounds per day) and free access to fresh water and salt

thats right off the website.i was just curious 'cause i was told that the 30% wasent supposed to be fed as a grain that it was supposed to be added . and i LOL'ed because i was told by a ton of ppl on here and a nutrisionist that 30% is to be fed alone as a grain. so b/c its such a little amount i give beet pulp with it for the extra calories and hydration. so i was wondering what or why you cant mix it and what would the outcome be thats all =]

MN Tigerstripes 01-14-2010 12:58 PM

The 30% should provide all the vitamins/minerals you need. If you're adding other products (like the complete) that have additional vitamins/minerals in them you run the risk of screwing up the balances and amounts of vitamins/minerals. If you need extra fat/energy you can add beet pulp or rice bran (or just feed more of a better quality hay).

barnprincess 01-14-2010 03:24 PM

she gets beet pulp and great timothy alfalfa hay

i was just wondering why some one told me to do that when thats not what your supposed to do .

MN Tigerstripes 01-14-2010 03:36 PM

Because people do all sorts of crazy things when feeding horses.

It's generally best to follow the directions on packaged feeds unless you want to do all sorts of complicated math. Unfortunately some people think that by adding "just a tich" of several different feeds they're doing something good for the horse. Usually they're just causing problems UNLESS they are taking the time to actually balance the ration.

Personally I try to follow the "keep it simple stupid" rule when feeding and my horses (including my 30 yr old) look great. :-)

rider4life 01-14-2010 03:56 PM

30% protein is alot for horses who are not very active. It's best for broodmares, young, growing horses, and horses in intensive training or competitions. Often people feed their pleasure horse a high protein feed and start having behavior problems. Quality feeds for most horses doesn't need more that 11-13% protein. I feed my growing colt this Triple Crown feed and, since he's behind in his growth, utilizes the protein and has no problems. A friend had a 4 yo gelding and was having constant rearing, dancing, charging problems and right before he sold him, realized he was feeding too high a protein.

You can research this, I'm not pulling it out of my ear!!

barnprincess 01-14-2010 04:23 PM

well shes on it bc shes a 18 hand thoroughbred who was 600 lbs + under weight when i got her .. shes still gaining.. shes got about 30 more lbs to go on her rib area. the rest filled in nicley . shes just got no butt lol. I was going to put her on the complete after she got to where i wanted her but you have to feed too much poundage and it would be like 2 bags a week instead of the one bag a MONTH of the 30% . Shes going to be 18. Being Winter is here we dont work much more than once or twice a week. But shes eating all day hay and getting 2 lbs of the 30% and 6 lbs of the beet pulp. So shes on a pretty good diet. this woman just told me that she should be on the complete too because shes got no topline. lol.

heres pix from 2 days ago

farmpony84 01-14-2010 04:25 PM

She's very pretty and she's going to be gorgeous when she fills back out. She's already starting to shine.

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