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spencer.nethercutt 11-28-2007 07:56 PM

I have a litlle problem. well he is more of a big problem, buit besides that. i have a 5 y/o gelding who is the best horse and has the best personality for a horse but he is not broke and has never had a saddle on him and has not really had much ground work.
He is not my horse but he has been on my pasture his whole life, but the people he belongs to just finally gave me permission to break him myself, he is not the first horse for me to break.
he doesnt have much ground work, but he isn't scared of anything, he will load a trailer, he will lounge(not the way you want him to go but he will lounge) he will let you pick up his front feet but not his back feet. he will back up. he doesnt know anything about space, he will follow you around and get too close too you and hes such a big horse its a little intemidating and im not little myself standing at 6'6". no matter what you are out in the pasture doing he is always going to be right there by you the whole time. some people say its a good thing but i dont like it that much.he trust you no matter what you do and he is very friendly just a little too friendly. i need all the help and opinions i can get on this big or little it doesnt matter i just need some pointers on where to start.


Frog 11-29-2007 12:02 AM

Sounds like you need to start with the basics. Groundwork! He should respect your space and not come into it unless you let him. He should pick up all four feet, lead, tie up, yield etc. After he can do all this then start teaching him how to lunge, how you want him to! not his own style.

I am curious though, if he is not the first horse that you have broken in, surely you would know how to handle him... :?

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