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TwisterRush 01-16-2010 05:21 PM

First Ride !!!
Alrighty, i made a post about this under Horse riding. So Go Check it out ;D
here are the pictures ! A video will be uploaded later (:
AND THERE IS NO SPECIFIC ORDER, and i do look like crud lol, and our Paddock is very poopy, i tried to clean it ... but it was a no go, it was like ice blocks stuck in the ground ! so anyways.. here you go :D

The front leg photo was tooken on an angle, making him look turned in on the hoof, but he isnt,


TwisterRush 01-16-2010 05:22 PM

Done for now (:

And i know his ear's are back... but he is just like that, not because he doesnt like it, But he has his ears down more than 90% of the time..

TwisterRush 01-16-2010 06:33 PM

Bump ? Anyone... :(

Appy Luvr 01-16-2010 08:49 PM

Looks like you had a great time!! Good for you!! Can't believe how great he looks!!

TwisterRush 01-16-2010 09:19 PM

Thank you ! I did have a great time!
It was so much fun ^_^

And im so happy about the progress he has had since when i first got him!

JustDressageIt 01-16-2010 09:36 PM

He has a hay belly! That's fantastic!! You look very happy up there :)

eventerdrew 01-16-2010 09:43 PM

aww! you guys are adorable together! I am so happy you finally got to ride him.


TwisterRush 01-16-2010 09:52 PM

I will probably ride him tomorrow also if the weather is good :D

And i know right ! It looks SO GOOD :D LOL, Now just to get that hay belly gone and get him fit (: Right ? :D

JumpingTheMoon 01-16-2010 11:01 PM

He's definitely come a long way! Kudos to you! You guys look great together!

Honeysuga 01-16-2010 11:34 PM

He has done a complete 180 since you got him, fabulous!

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