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CharliesMom 01-17-2010 12:44 AM

weight gain?
I have a 5 y.o Tb whom was really really thin when we got him, now he is at a pretty good weight of around 1,000 lbs. He is very tall though 17.2 but hes a slight horse. I am wondering what type of feed additive is good for weight gain, he doesn't need any heavy duty stuff, just a little extra something to round him out a little more.
I don't have a lot of experience using weight gain supps, but i thought i would ask to see who had good results with what.


ridergirl23 01-17-2010 12:49 AM

my TB/Hanov gets skinny in the winter so we feed her High Fat. It works great! it s in little pellets that look like bunny poop :P

Klassic Superstar 01-17-2010 12:52 AM

Try some Beetpulp, senoir feed is great too, i use it one all my horses cause its a complete feed, do you have him on vitimines, has he been wormed recently? alot of TBs are hard keepers, as I have one and am getting another one pretty soon. rice bran also helps alot and there are suppliments like cool cals, i know that works as a friend uses it for her horse. Try looking on they have lots of choices and you can geta catalog sent to you! Good luck!

deineria 01-17-2010 11:06 AM

Any easy and great way to get weight on without buying a little of this and that (such as buying rice bran oil or powder plus beet pulp plus alfalfa pellets) is to add Triple Crown Complete. Its top ingredients are those I always recommend for weight gain, and it is less expensive and easier to just feed it. You could do a half and half of his reg. feed, switch totally to Triple Crown OR add a scoop of the morning and of the evening. See what works.
I pay $16 or $17 a 50lb for it here at Southern States.
Unless you have an underlying issue, you WILL see weight gain with the above ingredients. You can opt to try just adding more quality hay, just rice bran, alfalfa pellets or just beet pulp as well.

CharliesMom 01-17-2010 12:08 PM

I use as follows: soaked beet pulp (i give him quite a bit of this because its not as much as giving the dry stuff) 8 oz. of powdered rice bran twice a day,and a scoop of 12% sweetfeed twice a day. And then the only other supps i use are MSM and Fast track.

MyBoyPuck 01-17-2010 03:25 PM

I went nuts with every supplement out there last year to no avail. Now I have my TB at a barn who puts hay in front of him all day long. Now finally I have a horse with good weight.

Gillian 01-17-2010 04:26 PM

^ Yes, I agree with MyBoyPuck. It's not really a grain that's going to help you, it's as simple as hay.

CharliesMom 01-17-2010 09:27 PM

he gets a full hay net (bout half a bale) every time he's in the stall, of good quality hay, i make sure he is never without it. and im paying an extra 45 bucks during the winter months so that the farm can throw out in the field twice a day. If there is anything he is lacking, its not hay. :D

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