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newhorsemom 01-17-2010 02:04 PM

Treating thrush
I think my mare has a raging case of thrush. Lily has had issues with her frogs off and on since we've had her. In September her hooves were looking great. Our farrier was out about 5 weeks ago and said that Lily had an infection in her frog, but it wasn't thrush, it was a yeast infection. She told me to treat it with plain acetone (ie nail polish remover) and that it would be the fasted, most effective way to treat. I did as told and her frogs got better so I quit using it and just went about our usual routine. We were out of town over the holidays and had someone doing the feeding and mucking while we were gone. Sure enough whatever was wrong with her hooves came back and now it's even worse! One of her hooves stinks to high heaven and her frogs look horrible! We treated again with the acetone because it was there in the barn, but now I've decided that I'm not comfortable with this and I'm going to try the mix of the antibiotic cream and the athletes foot cream as I keep reading good things about it.

Have any of you tried this? How long should I do this daily? Is one treatment per day enough? I was thinking that as soon as I see improvement I would switch to daily apple cider vinegar treatment.

I want to get aggressive and tackle this once and for all. Any advice would be helpful.

MyBoyPuck 01-17-2010 02:36 PM

If you can stick a hoof pick into your horse's heel bulb, your horse has what's called deep sulcus thrush. It's an infection of the frog and can spread all the way up to the sensitive tissue. Fortunatley it's very easy to treat. There is a product called dry cow. It's a penicillan sold in tubes. You can find in online or at Tractor Supply if you have one. First clean the area out by squirting syringes of water into the opening until it runs back out clear. Then squirt the dry cow into the opening until it fills the hole. Pack the opening with a cotton ball or two depending on how big the opening is. Do this every other day until the hole fills in completely. My horse's foot took 5 weeks to heal.

newhorsemom 01-17-2010 02:51 PM

Thanks for the advice. We don't have a Tractor Supply that I know of so I'll look online. Until I get some Dry Cow would you recommend that I treat with the above mixture? I'm on my way to the barn now so I'll clean out and flush the crevice with water.

Unfortunately, it is very, very wet here so anytime she is turned out she is on moist ground. We are supposed to get another full week of rain so she will be in her stall more than usual and that might be helpful.

MyBoyPuck 01-17-2010 03:21 PM

The dry cow only treats the deep sulcus type. If there's no hole in your horse's heel bulb, than it's not that type of thrush. If you do nothing else, stuff it with cotton or something so air can get to it. Thrush needs lack of oxygen to live. Give it air, it dies.

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