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jadeewood 01-17-2010 05:52 PM

My boy, My life.
Where do i start with these amazing heart bracking horse.
We where friends from the first time i sore you, My mum had him for 16 years she broke and backered him in herself which means he had been in my life from the very beggining as im only 14. I cant explain the love i had for him.

it was one day i went to the barn and his eyes where really watering and he was really shaking, we phoned the vet and they came out but wasnt really sure what was a matter as they done blood tests and he was fine.
The next dayhe was worst. this tieme he was shaking, watering eyes and he kept leaning against his stable wall. i knew there was something seriosuly wrong with him by this stage but i held strong and phoned the vet but they still didnt know. all of a sudden he started recovering but unfforutintly he went back down hill and started collapsing again. But i wasnt at the stables when this was happening, i was at hospital with a family member and it was only the next day i found out.
over the week the vets put it down to a stroke or brain tumor.
they were sticking tubes down him and everything he was in destress.
he lost all his meomory and even forgot how to walk out of the stable. my mum looked after him for a while but no one could get near him any more. he was in shock, he was scared.
where he had collapsed he had huge bledding open wounds on him and no one could get near him to treat them except from me:(
after not seeing him for a while when i next sore him i really noticed the difference. i finaly persuaded him to step one foot out of teh stable but he was scared and run back in and callapsed. it was this time i decided to have him put down as he was in so much pain. i was withhim when he was put down and when he was down he rested his head in my hand and his muzzle nudged me. i kissed him on the ckeck and flt his heavy head get heavyer. thats when i realised he was gone.

i was crying my eyes out and words cant explain what i felt like. i was speaking to him prayer for him to come back. and saying sorry for saying you was a nutter dont listen to tehm people who said you have something wrong inside your head. i know you cant hear me but i love you.

I cryed everynight for that month and people told me to stop as he couldnt hear me and it wouldnt make no difference.
The only thing that gives me hope still is when my mum tells me not to worry as his looking down on me, protecting me, and he wouldnt want me to be this way.

You know how our horse and rider bonds get, its something magical, u cant explain it., u can't hear it, u can't taste it., u can only feel it. Ever since I met him i bonded and have loved him untill his very last breath! Now that he has gone i realise how much i need him. and how much he was my bestfriend not only my horse.

i learned everything on this horse, i was even aboutt o attend horse of teh year show

i guess things happen and i just need to move on.


jadeewood 01-17-2010 05:53 PM

omg, didnt realised how much i wrote. i will upload photos another day.

r.i.p ferdi - never be forgotten. my dark bay :D

Ladywantsahorse 01-17-2010 08:56 PM

I'm very sorry that you lost your boy. You did the best for him. He will be forever in your heart and no longer in pain.

Kayty 01-19-2010 04:11 AM

That made me cry :( I'm so sorry to hear that, it never gets any easier putting horses down. Even though you know it's the right thing to do, you still feel as though you're giving them a death sentence. You did the right thing by him.

RIP Ferdi

jadeewood 01-19-2010 03:33 PM

im writing a little poem sorta thing i will post it later - thanks for all your support. crying at this minute.

my2geldings 01-19-2010 05:12 PM

Awww sorry to hear about your story. Cry it all out, don't bottle it up. Looking forwards to seeing pictures and your poem.

Your horse forum buddies.

MIEventer 01-19-2010 05:15 PM

jadeewood 01-22-2010 04:37 PM

arww thanks everone, this is some things i have wrote.

ferdi, you will never be forgotten
everyday that passes by
i can hear your voice calling me
saying darling please dont cry
so i try my tears from upon my face
then get down on my knees
and pray to god and ask him
look after my horse please.

another iss......

if i could build a stairway with tears ive cryed for you
i'dd clib write up to heaven
and i know what i would do
i would tell you that i love you
and need you by my side,
im lost without you
my grief i can not hide
you meant the world to everyone
exspecially to me
a horse that was so loving
who i just long to see
untill the time has come
to be with you again
all my thoughts and memories
deep in my heart remain.
i love you ferdi :'(

kyna 01-22-2010 05:54 PM

I disagree, I think whereever he is right now, he CAN hear you and he knows that you love him so much. People that tell you to stop just dont understand.

He is waiting for you i am sure you'll see him again. :cry: RIP

thunderhooves 01-23-2010 03:04 PM

aww, i hipe you feel better! I will post this for you:
My time's come my dear,
As it comes for us all
Hug me close one last time
As I lay in my stall
I feel you shudder,
But there's no need to cry
I'll tell you the secret of why horses die

I got to a pasture that's
far away and above,
But know that we're forever
bound by our love

I'll make hoofprints to heaven
So you'll find your way,
Wear the path smooth to
keep you from wandering astray

I'll carry your guardian angel nearby,
With my wings wipe the tears from
your soul when you cry,

If you're ever alone,
Or your life's hard to lead,
Close your eyes and remember
Me, your eternal steed,

Who awaits, at the gates
to carry you home
So the last journey you make
Is not made alone

On my golden hooves we'll gallop,
And on silver wings fly,
Yes, this is the secret
Of why horses die.

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