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QOS 01-18-2010 12:58 AM

My first ride in my new Aussie Saddle
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I bought a Down Under Wizzard Poley saddle on December 23. It arrived on the 30th but it was the wrong size so back it went. I got the new one last week but the weather has been just the pits with super cold weather and raining buckets.

It poured yesterday too...but today was beautiful - mild weather and sunshining. Hubby and I went for a ride - and I LOVE my new Aussie Saddle. It is super comfortable. It does ride different than my Billy Cook trail saddle but I really liked it. Red seemed comfortable too - don't think he was too happy with the mud though.

We are going riding (hopefully!) the first weekend in February up at a equestrian state park so I am hoping to put a few hours on the new saddle!! Here is Red in his new saddle - I do believe it has slipped BACK on the ride.

shanoona 01-18-2010 07:28 AM

I dunno... I don't like these saddles :D I sat in them twice and I was always very disappointed. My legs hurt and I got bruises too, from the things which hold the stirrups... Maybe I got bad ones, but I think now I will stay in english saddles or trail western saddles :D But this saddle is looking nice, anyway... One question: isn't that put too much backwards?

luvs2ride1979 01-18-2010 09:57 AM

She said in her post that it slipped back during her ride. It's only about 1" too far back. Did you get this exact brand name shanoona? If not, than your comments are not valid.

Good to hear it worked QOS!! It looks nice on him too. Let us know how your next ride(s) go. If it keeps slipping back, trying using a non-slip pad under your saddle pad.

QOS 01-18-2010 10:56 AM

thanks Luv!!! I know it was in the right position when I set out and I told Honey Darling Precious during the ride that I felt it had slipped back too far. So you think just an inch or so? I was thinking more but what do I know?!

Red does have higher withers and a big roll of muscles on his shoulders and they dip slightly after the big roll so I know it would be easy for it to roll back over that. is always an adventure riding with Red.

I think out of the 3 saddles I have, that Red has actually done the very best in the Steele if I am being perfectly honest. This one can be adjusted though which is nice and I will talk to Ricki at Down Under about it.

The saddle was very comfortable - did give a little pinch from the overgirth but nothing bad. It does put you in a different position than western somewhat but I liked it. I was told it pulls more of the "core" muscles and geez!!! I NEED that so it is good for me.

Jillyann 01-18-2010 01:39 PM

I have ALWAYS wanted an aussie saddle!! They look like a dream to ride in!

SouthernTrails 01-18-2010 02:02 PM


Red looks happy and you say it sits well, that's what counts :lol::lol:


wild_spot 01-18-2010 03:47 PM

I'm glad you are happy with your stock saddle :] I love love love mine - But I did get mine custom made for a lot of money so I would be spewing if I didn't!

Just a note - The saddle shouldn't sit ON any of the shoulder muscle - That dip behind is where the front of the panel should sit.

Attitude05 01-18-2010 03:51 PM

if you reverse rig your stirrups you wont have any rubbing problems :D

reverse rig them and dont put the buckle under the flap, we use these saddles, minus the horn for all our school horses, they are soooo safe :D

JumpingTheMoon 01-18-2010 04:48 PM

I like "real" Aussie stock saddles. The Americanized versions feel more like Western saddles to sit in, and look more like them too.

QOS 01-18-2010 06:29 PM

thanks for the tips and hints!

Attitude, I am trying to envision what you're saying and my mind is mush today! I will read it again and see if I can do this.

I got a message from Down Under and the saddle is too far back and she suggested tightening the breast strap to keep it in place. Hummmm - going to work on this.

Maybe one day I will buy an authentic Aussie - this one is nice so I can only imagine how nice a custom saddle would be.

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