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dantexeventer 01-18-2010 09:46 AM

Fundraising Ideas for golden opportunity???
I'm an event rider, and my ambition is to make it as far as I can in the sport. I was a working student for eight months for an Olympian, and then had to come home to make some money. Now I've been offered a fantastic job opportunity with an Irish rider in Florida - a working student position in which I can not only earn my BHS instructor certification, but compete my own horse AND client horses in horse trials, USDF shows, and HITS, WEF, and the like.
However, I live in Maine, so getting my guy - and myself! - down there is going to be EXPENSIVE. My mother is unemployed, so I'm on my own here. I need to come up with the money within a month and a half; I'm guessing I need to raise about $1,500 to cover everything (not including gas to drive down..ugh). Bearing in mind that I live in a tiiiny town, what kind of fundraising ideas do you guys have? Anything from grants, to community fundraisers, etc. I'd like to not have to take out a loan, but if worst comes to worst, I will.
Thanks!! :)

Jubilee 01-18-2010 11:02 AM

Wow! What an exciting opportunity! I am kind of in the same boat right now. I'm in between apprenticeship opportunities and right now I'm trying to raise money to move to another state when the time comes (only I don't have such a tight schedule). Fortunately for me, I was able to get a part time job to start raising money, it looks like you don't have time for that.

Do you have and tack or anything else that you can sell second hand to start going towards the trip? Extra saddles? Bridles? Anything that they might have down there for you to use that you won't need anymore? I know it feels like giving up an arm and a leg to sell that kind of stuff, but it may be worth it.

Also, is it possible for you to move down there without your horse to start with and then bring him down once you have raised a little money? That way you would only have to pay to transport yourself to start with. Just an idea.

Do you know anyone that might want to take a few ridding lessons from you? Or maybe someone who might want to partial lease your horse for just a couple weeks so they can just have some fun playing around with an eventer?

Do you have any other skills you could offer out for sale? Are you a good photographer? Can you draw or paint people or animals? Are you nifty about cleaning houses? Do mind baby sitting? Start looking for odd jobs, anything that might earn you a little bit of money. Every little bit adds up.

Good luck!

PS Where in Maine do you live? I grew up in the Portland, ME area, though I live in TN now. I still have family and friends up that way.

dantexeventer 01-18-2010 12:29 PM

Thanks for the advice! :) I'm definitely going to advertise as a babysitter, and I have done commissioned portraits for a while now but it's difficult to get my name/website out there! Haha!
At this point, I'll shovel snow for money, I don't even care ;) haha!

Oh, and I live right by Machias, like an hour and a half from Bangor! :)

dantexeventer 01-19-2010 06:49 PM

Bump :)

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