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QHCrazy 11-29-2007 08:07 PM

One Special Quarter-Horse.
I lost my QH-in 05 due to blindess.I worte this about Peanut.

I know that we have all had that one ''specail'' horse and i feel like God did bless me a great deal when a horse came into my life
and changed it forever.This little horse came to me when i needed a friend and a buddy all rolled up in one.He was a grandson of
a well knowen Quarter Horse Stallion and he's mother was a daughter of a well knowen Quarter Horse Stallion.So he
had a pedigree that you could not beat.Most people that had been around him,would say that his temperment
was as sweet as sugar,and it was.They just never really knew what he ment to me. He helped me through some really bad times in my life,
I knew that i could go out and see him and cry and cry.He would just put he's head around me and let the tears
fall down like rain.I had a bond with him that was unbelieveable,He trusted me more then any one else.
We trusted each other,thats what our relationship was based on.Sometimes when i would ride him and
would think ''Wow! this is awesome!'' When it was.He just knew what to do,even in he's old age he was still the same horse.
He loved doing what he was bred to do.I knew he was specail from the time we brought him home and
i think he knew it too..He never told me i was wrong or right,he just knew that i was perfect. He loved
people and loved to be around them,and they loved him.I always treated him like he came frist,and he knew that he did come first.
He knew that he was the only man for me,even if he had four legs.I could always count on him,When i could not
count on any one else.He was always there for me when i needed a friend or if i had a bad day.When it was feeding time,he would wait for me inside the barn inside his
stable facing me.He was a big part of my life,and any one who knew me knew he was a big part of it.When we found out that he went blind
because of some bad feed,I just knew things would change but with him it never did.He was the sme horse,but now he needed
help feeling his way around and i was there every step of the way.He learned to trust me alot more and not be so
scared of alot of things that would seem harmless.I knew he was geting worse,but i did not want to put him
to sleep.So i got my hands on everything i could on blind horses and for a while it worked.I have never had a horse touch my
life soo much in so meny ways.I miss him with each passing day and i still look for him.I will never forget him and
the ways he touched my life.I have cryed untill my eyes truned red and i could not cry any more.If any one wanted a horse,he was
the best horse in the world! I just wish i could have kept him a while longer,it does not seem like he is even gone at times but then it
hits me that he is.If i could have kept him,maybe it would have worked untill the good Lord knew it was time for him to go.I was not
really ready to let him go,but down deep inside i knew something had to be done one day and i was praying to God that he would give
me just a little while longer with him and i am greatful for the time that i did have with him.I am also glad God saw to bless me with him.I am
also greatful that God has given me this gift i have with horses.I have had people ask me why did i put him to sleep,i did not do it or did i
want to have it done,I guess somethings in life can't be easy to handle.If i knew that this year things would have changed so much,Maybe he would
still be here with me.It has been tough on me and i guess it will always be that way,I don't know.I know God will help me.

Vidaloco 11-29-2007 08:17 PM

So sorry about the loss of your friend. Its a difficult decision to put a horse or any animal down. I have had to do it way to many times in my life and each time I thank God I had the ablility to help them on their way. Bless you and Rest in Peace Peanut.

appylover31803 02-08-2008 06:04 PM

I am so sorry for your loss. I can only imagine what he meant to you.

Rest in peace Peanut.

Harlee rides horses 02-13-2008 01:58 PM


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