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wild_spot 01-21-2010 01:09 AM

Questions about feeding and FeedXL
Okay, just some random questions -

If you feed a complete feed which specifically mentions to not feed any supplements, is it a bad idea to have a free choice mineral block in the paddock? (I don't - Just curious)

On FeedXL you can put in any salt/mineral blocks you may use. However, how do you determine the daily amount when they are free choice? I don't know how long each block lasts as dad buys them, and there are 5 horses in the paddock who probably use different amounts. Do you just guesstimate?

Okay - My horses are on a low starch, low sugar, low NSC diet as one of them is prone to tying up. I am feeding Speedi-Beet and Copra as well as a mineral block in the paddock and grass hay when needed. They are on turnout 24/7, and all good doers.

However, Bundy (Tying up horse) has never really gotten into the Speedi-Beet and Copra - Not with any gusto, and now at competitions isn't finishing his feed. Not good - He isn't getting the enrgy I need him to have! So i've been looking for something he might find more palatable.

I think I will choose between one of these two products as they are available locally. They are both based on Rice Bran and Rice Bran Oil - No grain which is great, and still high in energy and healthy fat. - Cool Performer.

This is my first choice - It is more of a complete feed with many more vitamins and minerals. I want at least 1mg of Selenium and 1000IU of Vit E per serve as it helps with the tying up. This fits that criteria.

I don't know if the fact that this is a more complete feed would conflict with the mineral block in the paddock - It needs to stay as not all the horses are being fed.

I would feed this with some Speedi-Beet to add bulk. - Power On

This is more of an additive or concentrate... Less vitamins and minerals but still has what counts - Selenium and Vit E - How many IU does 103?mg equate to?

I would add this to Speedi-Beet as well - But it would need more Speedi-Beet as I would probably feed less of it, which makes me wonder if it would improve palatability that much.

So - Any opinions on the two feeds? Or answers to my questions?

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