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eralcx3 01-21-2010 08:10 AM

Wintec close contact??
Is it really as comfortable as people say it is??

I am looking at one to buy because I need a cheap saddle that has the changeable gullet so I can have a saddle that actually fits my new mare, hopefully!! haha

I would rather have a nice leather saddle that has a changeable gullet but at the moment we can't afford one. =/

I have rode in the wintec all purpose before and it was as hard as a rock. I HATED it, i never want to ride in it ever again.

So, is the close contact any more comfortable??

MIEventer 01-21-2010 09:52 AM

I've never ridden in the CC, but I ride in the Wintec 500 All Purpose and I find it comfortable.

If you don't find one model of the Wintec comfortable, then you wont find another any more comfortable.

Are you looking at one used? If you are looking at a CC brand new, the prices are $449 right now - so why not go to and find a nice leather saddle that goes for around $500.00?

eralcx3 01-21-2010 09:55 AM

Yes i am looking at one used. There is a girl in my area selling one on craigslist with stirrup leathers and stirrups for $250. It looks almost in perfect condition too.

But if you say that I won't like any of the others then I probably shouldn't get it. It is either that or spend $900 on a real leather one. i would rather have the real leather, but I would like to save some money too. haha!

thank you!

MIEventer 01-21-2010 10:02 AM

I've been looking for a Wintec Close Contact because I like my Wintecs. My Wintec 500 A/P's tree is too strait for my TB's back, so it bridges.

While I have that up for sale, I've been looking for a Wintec CC because they are more arched of a tree. Which will accomodate my TB's arched back.

I cannot afford a leather saddle, nor can I even afford to buy a used leather saddle - I have racked up $2,000.00 in vet bills, but I need a saddle that will work for my guys back.

What size is the saddle your friend has up for sale? And what color?

eralcx3 01-21-2010 10:08 AM

Well, me and my mom decided not to get it. We are just going to wait a month and get a nice leather saddle that has the changeable gullet.

I have to call the girl today and let her know that I am not getting it, someone else has emailed her about it too.

It is a 17" and is the caramel color.

MIEventer 01-21-2010 10:12 AM

It's ok, I can get a brand new one from a tack store for $399.00 plus shipping - and I can get it in my size, and black :) The color I like.

I think you made a wise choice - if you didn't like the Wintec A/P, you wont like any other Wintec Model.

Scower and you'll find some nice saddles.

I have seen Collegiate Convertible's going for great prices on there.

eralcx3 01-21-2010 10:26 AM

Alright sounds good! I was actually considering the collegiate. I was also looking at the ovation evolution. They are both on sale for $900 at Dover and come with $140 of free stuff. So we are going to get the money for that but until then my saddle and a SUPER thick wither pad will have to work. =/ I hope you find what you want. And thanks again!

Tack Collector 01-22-2010 01:59 PM

I like the Pro Jump better than the 500 caramel color cc. Pro Jump is a little more forward flap. I thought the seat was hard, though. It also runs big, so I fixed both probs with a custom made leather bump pad from Winners' Circle.

Of the ccs, Collegiate Convertibles, Wintec 500, Pro Jump, and Bates Caprilli are all the same tree and same gullets.

There is an Ashley & Clark Ayr cc that has a Sherwood changeable gullet tree $1500 or so but it's a great saddle, better than the Collegiates by far. You can order different flap width & length. See my thread at Horse Grooming Forum or Google for Ashley Clarke Ayr and you'll find it. I posted pics of the gullet and how it attaches.

Tack Collector 01-22-2010 02:28 PM

Quality-wise, of those three the Ayr would be the best leather and best workmanship. And it has "hybrid" mostly flocked panels with a little foam an you can adjust the fit by flocking. The Ovation is made in Argentina by Ruiz Dias who used to make the Collegiate brand when Miller Harness still owned that name. RD on a saddle means Ruiz Diaz. I haven't seen an Ovation to know what their leather looks like. Offhand I don't know whether their panels are available flocked.

Weatherbeeta owns the Collegiate name. Some or all of them are made in Vietnam and their leather is not the highest quality and tends to scuff a lot. If you want a Collegiate Convertible, you can pick one up used on eBay for $500 to $600 used or same price on Craigslist and that might get you the whole gullet set along with fittings, too. Sometimes you can find a used Bates Caprilli cc for $800 - $850.

The Wintec/Bates/Collegiate cc tree is curved / has rocker / is banana shaped. All that the gullet change does is change the width and angle of the front of the saddle. That curve (sway) of the saddle tree has to match the shape (sway) of your horse's back. Sway isn't the right word but I knew it would help you picture what I'm talking about. Generally a wide horse will be wide all the way back the body. And that saddle tree with the white XW gullet might be wide enough at the front but will be too banana shaped for a wide horse that has a broader and flatter back.

Collegiate Diploma and its predecessor the Varsity are flocked panels. Not sure about the Alumni. The Diploma always looks like a more forward flap to me, than the Alumni.

MIEventer 01-22-2010 05:28 PM

Bates, their tree's are quite strait. I've seen them in person at a few tack stores in my area, and they are just as strait as my Wintec 500 A/P - which is quite strait.

The only Wintec that has a curvy tree, is the Wintec Close Contact - no other Wintec that I know of, has a curvy tree *I am speaking of the older models, not the new one's that just came out*

I like the Collegiate Convertible - I've been looking for one my size in my price range, but I have not been successful.

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