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savvylover112 01-21-2010 04:06 PM

I need help will you help me please?
Ok I am fifteen years old.
I am in a year at school where next month and at the end of the school year I have two weeks of major exams.
I have to work two horses, one gelding that I have to get fit and get a bit of weight off of and the other a mare keep fit and work most days to get her ready for showing this year.
I take my mare hunting every sunday and this will go on until the end of February. I like to give her a day off on Mondays.
I plan on teaching my gelding to drive as well but want him fit enough first.
I have to study every night and do at least an hour of homework too.
I get home at around half four everyday from school.

So what I am asking for help is basically can you guys help me organize myself a bit?
Can you give me any advice on getting my pony fit?
Can you give me any advice on keeping my horse fit without it taking too long everyday?

Can anyone help me work out a daily schedule for after school?
Can anyone help me work out a weekly schedule for the work I should do with my horses?

Thank you all for reading and thank you in advance for replying:D

Pro 01-21-2010 06:59 PM

I have the same problem, except I have more then 2 exams and 4 horses to ride! I can't really help you but I would try to focus on what needs to be done...I probably wouldn't worry about teaching my horses new things until I got more time. Could you pony your horses on trail rides to exercise them and get them into shape? Then practice with your mare when you get time here and there...

Carleen 01-21-2010 07:11 PM

Are your horses kept at your own house? I wouldn't mind posting how I would organize the time... but I'd need to include travelling to and from the barn if you need to.

savvylover112 01-22-2010 12:13 PM

Oh yeah sorry they are at my house and I have a walker and lunge arena but just a muddy paddock for riding and ponying is not an option for me my mare would attack my gelding.

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