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FGRanch 01-22-2010 04:07 PM

Let see your frosty pictures! :-) I love it, so dang pretty.

And just cause they are cute!

TaMMa89 01-22-2010 04:35 PM

Here are some of mine (some of them are a bit hue tuned).







More pics on:

FGRanch 01-22-2010 04:37 PM

I LOVE the last on! Stunning!

Pinto Pony 01-22-2010 06:29 PM

So pretty :)
I love the cat and beagle playing too, hehe

My back yard beginning of dec 09

Little bird in the front yard

FGRanch 01-22-2010 06:39 PM

Thanks! He's actually a baby basset, but it's hard to tell when he's not looking at you with his zombie

CrazyChester 01-24-2010 07:15 PM

Very pretty!

smrobs 01-24-2010 11:57 PM

I don't have anything quite so stunning. We have only gotten snow/frost/ice like twice when I had my camera available and these were the only pix I was able to take. :D

He was also sweaty cause he had been running around like a wild man.

My old retired couple, Flipper (20ish TB) and Flash (27 yo QH)


And poor frosty Denny.

Even John was frosted. LOL.

ilovestitch 01-25-2010 12:11 AM

I love when the trees get all frosty like that! So pretty to look at! It often means that it is really cold out tho, only downside to it. I have to say I think the picture of the cat and dog is ADORABLE! Thank you for sharing!

FGRanch 01-25-2010 01:19 PM

Smorbs they don't look happy! HAHA

Thanks Stitch, I don't mind sharing!

Vidaloco 01-25-2010 01:32 PM

We had a couple of beautiful frosty mornings a week or so ago and I never took the camera out for photos :-(
I've always called it hoar frost. Do they call it that anywhere else?

Tiffany, my house cat could be sisters with yours.

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