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Kentucky 01-25-2010 02:36 PM

Which Studs is better?
Which of these two grea local studs do you think is a better stud horse and I am planning on visiting them next week.

#1 Nights Depisit Cnex

#2 Helluva Chex

And here is sone more information on both of them

kevinshorses 01-25-2010 02:55 PM

It's hard to beat the Nu Chex To Cash horses (literally) but they both look like nice horses. I think it looks stupid when reiners lean way over and put thier hand between the horses ears but that is off topic and irrelevent.

nrhareiner 01-25-2010 02:58 PM

Personally I do not really like either. They are not the best bottom side for NCC. Of the 2 Helluva Chex has the stronger dam line. Both Tail lines are a bit week. However they are both proven stallions and show well. Both are young and have not really made a big mark with their get yet.

If your set on a NCC son I would look at one out of a mare who is by One Gun or at the very least Mr Gun Smoke bred. That is the magic cross on NCC. Althoug I have seen some really nice ones out of Doc O'Lena daughters however they lacked a bit in the mind department. Where the real deal in every other way. Just not over non pro freindly.

rosiesmum 01-25-2010 03:01 PM

They are both lovely :) if they're both as nice then go on temperment because my mums friend had a sweet mare who she put to a local stud the "foal" is now 6 years old but nasty so are the rest of her brothers and sisters by the same stud.

Kentucky 01-26-2010 02:28 PM

In case you don't know the bloodlines of the studs here they are
Night Desposit Chec

Helluva Chec

StylishK 01-26-2010 02:43 PM

Another suggestion look around at futurities, a lot of them have donated stallions that you can get a half price breeding too.

We're in Canada and my trainer got a half price breeding out in Tenesse.

We're breeding my mare to Spooks Gotta Gun and through our provincial futurity instead of paying $3000 I'm paying $1500 which is a steal imo.

I agree with NRHAreiner on the studs, personally I would keep looking. Another thing to consider with the NCC bloodlines is I've heard you have to have a fairly strong mare to breed to them, and quite a few are a little bit spun. Don't get me wrong I love NCC but its something you need to consider.

If I had to pick Helluva Chex would be it, but I personally would continue looking. Depends on your mare I guess do you have any photos of her? How is she bred?

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