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KodasSlvrWings 08-06-2014 07:35 PM

What is this pink spot?
I really hope this is in the right forum. I wasn't really sure where to put it.
I have a 9 year old flea bitten grey saddlebred. I have had her for 2 years and when I first got her I noticed a small, about 2 inches long, perfect oval shaped spot under her mane where the skin and fur has no pigment. I asked a friend about it and she told me she was "pinking" she does have molting on her lips but "pinking" usually doesn't go onto the neck and isn't a perfect oval shape right? Was it where before she greyed out she had a white spot? She use to have little socks on her back legs that are pink and have no flea bites. Could it possibly be a brand? Is it skin cancer? It hasn't grown at all and looks like normal skin without pigment. The vet has never said anything about it either. So what the heck is it?!

I am having trouble uploading the pictures but will keep trying to get them up. You aren't really missing much with out pictures though. Just picture a perfectly drawn on oval that has pink skin and white hairs right in the center of her neck underneath her mane.

stevenson 08-06-2014 07:55 PM

hope you get the photo loaded. I would like to see what you are talking about

rookie 08-06-2014 08:55 PM

Its possible it is a scar. If she is a grey its possible she had a small melanoma that was removed. The resulting scar would possibly have no pigment and white hair.

KodasSlvrWings 08-07-2014 02:46 PM

It doesn't look like scar tissue though. She has other scars from a trailer accident a year ago and they all have a different look.
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Elsa 08-08-2014 12:14 PM

If she is grey it's likely skin depigmentation. It's not exclusively limited to the face.

Here is a link to a blog with some photos of a PRE stallion that seems to have similar markings as what you are talking about and very little depigmentation in the normal face/sheath/under tail areas.
Depigmentation on greys |

KodasSlvrWings 08-08-2014 01:02 PM

Elsa- that looks just like what she has!
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