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TralissaAndalusians 12-04-2007 05:18 PM

SICAB - Video's of Luca's brother and half sisters.
There is also another of his half sisters, but my mum hasn't shown me yet.

They look so much like Luca XD

Luca was entered in SICAB last year, but didn't go because we bought him before it. He was going to be shown and then sold, but we got to him first, muha!

Remach XIII - Luca's full brother was entered in SICAB. He's champion again. There's a vid of him doing elementry dressage (Or something, I don't know, lol.)

Vids of him.

Underneath the vid, click where it say's his name "Remach XIII" It's the last one on the scroll bar in this one.

Here he is again, click his name. I think it all say's Sub Campeon de la raza Remach XIII.

And here's both his half sisters. They look so much like Luca...

Sonadora XXIX is the first one, she came 1st place in this.

And this is Regatera X, his other half sister and she is the 3rd one down.

This is a video of a thing they did, it has music from Nightwish, Pirates, Spirit and stuff XD Me and my mum should have gone, but we forgot about it, so I think I will go next year. This is big event Luca was entered in.

I love this one <3 My mum cried, rofl. She always does at these things, it's embarrasing enough at Spirit of the horse 0_0

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