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Pidge 01-26-2010 10:37 AM

Hoof issue: Just tell me if im correct
The arab mare i recently got needs some corrective work on her fronts. I cant get pictures but ill describe them the best i can. First of all she had shoes on her fronts. Then she injured her leg and the farrier wasnt able to do anything with her fronts. just a month ago he pulled her shoes because danielle didnt want to pay for them anymore. instead of trimming up her much over due feet the farrier just pulled the shoes and left them. Now Bause is much overdue. her toes are to long and her angles are wonky. she has a nice natural heel hight though. they are not terrible. she is not lame but does need some corrective work done. also it has been proven in the past that her front feet need shoes on the current terrain. she is notorious for breaking off her heels an not her toes...thus the long toe and natural heel and wonky angles. I think she would do fine barefoot if kept up better...but if that is not the case i will gladly put shoes back on her.

My question is: If she need some serious corrective work should i wait until her feet are mostly corrected before putting any more shoes on her? I mean that way they could be trimmed an monitered better...and i could also see for myself if she actually really needs shoes on her front or not.

Im going to talk to my trim guy about her and have him come do her not very fond of the farrier danie uses...he did a half-ass job on my gelding once that pissed me also irritated me that he just pulled bause's shoes an didnt trim her. I would have handled this a while ago but she wasnt mine until recent and she still lives at danie's house.

all im asking is if i am in the proper state of mind here on get her trimmed an corrected and see if she really needs shoes or not...

RiosDad 01-26-2010 12:52 PM

The farrier does what he is paid to do. If the owner told him to pull the shoes and not trim then that is what he does. If the owner agrees to pull and pay for the trim he would have done that also. It is not the farriers fault that the shoes were pulled and the feet not trimmed.
Tall heals are not strong heals. You need them cut down until the frog engages the ground. If the toes run forward is probably means the heals are also long and weak causing the whole foot to run forward.
Deciding from information on this post is not good enough.
The trimmer could trim the foot for very little expense and give you his or her opinion or a farrier and not the one who pulled the shoes could also trim and if shoes are warranted then he could apply them.
Both of the above could give you a better idea of what should be done.
You could post pictures and it would help with opinions.
The trimmer is relativly inexpensive and hopefully will give you advice.
The farrier gets far more expensive. His trims are not that expensive but you might need shoes.
The shoes can be used to correct the foot and if the heal is breaking off the shoe offers support and protection.

mls 01-26-2010 01:07 PM

Why does she need corrective shoes? Just because she is long?

I am also not following how she has an injury that prevented her fronts from being done yet allowed her to bear the weight to have the rears done.

RiosDad 01-26-2010 01:27 PM


Originally Posted by Pidge (Post 533565)
she is notorious for breaking off her heels an not her toes...thus the long toe and natural heel and wonky angles. .


Originally Posted by mls (Post 533695)
Why does she need corrective shoes? Just because she is long?


Shoing would protect the broken heals. Also the chances are good that she is out of balance and shoing could help correct this
The toes could also be rolled or rockered to move the breakover back to a more acceptable spot.

Tall heals are not good heals.

Pidge 01-27-2010 10:18 AM

Her heels are not super tall but they are tall...ive been watching her feet begining to wonder if danielle has lost her marbles...most of what i posted was info danielle had given me. The fallowing are my own observations from the couple times ive looked at her feet and from when i looked them over yesterday.

Her heels are about 1.5 to 2 inches high...they seem to need balancing and to be brought down slightly since her frog doesnt quite contact the ground...her toes def. need to be would be the only reasonable way to shorten sure if they were balanced an trimmed right it would correct her angles...

as for having her heels breaking an chiping off i dont see that happening...her heels have been the same height since the shoes came off....she does chip along the sides of her hooves if that is what danielle meant...i still think danielle has lost her mind. as for her fronts not being able to be trimmed...danielle said thats what her farrier said...i think her farrier is about as whack as she is...

Ive decided i will have my farrier Jason come out...he is the one who managed to correct the absolutely horrid flares my gelding sure he can adjust an balance Bause's feet. I just really dont like danielles farrier...i used him for a while until he did a crap job on my gelding...thats when i got jason!

loosie 02-09-2010 12:30 AM

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Just saw your other thread & came to this one. Yes, I would avoid having her shod until her feet are in a good state. I would instead consider investing in a pair or set(they generally only need fronts) of hoof boots, to use when necessary, to protect & support her feet if she's sensitive/thin soled. You can learn more of the principles & factors effecting this at

If she is high heeled, this needs to be corrected, but if she's been like that for some time &/or her heels are weak & sensitive, allowing them to be a bit long(up to 1/4" max longer than the sole) and only lowering them gradually shorter over a number of trims is probably a good idea. If her walls are chipping & cracking, this is generally an indication that they are too long, stretched &/or the edges aren't 'rolled'.

Pics would be great if you want more specific info.

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