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Amber12 01-26-2010 02:06 PM

Horse Hip problems
I am looking at buying a Tennessee Walking horse. This will be my first horse. I have a question about its hips. When I first went to see it you could see the hips, I don't think they were showing terribly bad. It still concerned me. The owner said it was due to him being so big, 16.1 hands. Is it a real concern for him to be showing his hip bones? I have tried to research this problem but seem to find not a whole lot of information.

MN Tigerstripes 01-26-2010 02:18 PM

He's probably really underweight or there is something severly wrong with him. I had a TWH gelding that was 16 hands, you couldn't see his hip bones until he got too old to keep weight on.

churumbeque 01-26-2010 04:43 PM

If you post a pic that may help but it seems the TWH I have been around seems that tehre hips are the last place to gain weight and the 1st place to loose it.

SmoothTrails 01-26-2010 04:51 PM

It may just be that he needs more help gaining weight than what he is getting. I've never heard of a horse's hips showing because it was big unless they feed him less than his body needs.

Amber12 01-26-2010 05:19 PM

He is ten years old, I may have pic of them. They are not protruding out of his side bad but it could just be under weight. I just don't want to get him and there be major problems. I will try to post a pic when I get home. Thanks for the help. The last thing I want to do is jump into something.

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