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BurningAmber520 01-26-2010 06:56 PM

Any other Betta Fish Lovers on here?
Betta fish are one of my favorite pets. I used to breed and sell them for show, but have since set my sites on improving the care they recieve in pet stores, and educating the public on their proper care. It's a totally false myth that they do well in small unheated and unfiltered bowls.

Here are a few of my betta babies!

Monkey (hates having his picture taken)

Kricket (was a recent rescue from petco, he's a fin eater and had a bad bacterial infection on his head, hes doing much better now)

Fraggle (he's just gorgeous)




JT (He was in a tank with Tiger barbs at the petstore, and they had eaten most of his fins off, they're growing back!)


Jumangi (Just to show you what good care can do, the first picture of Jumangi was the day I got him, and the second was 3 weeks later after just giving him clean water and proper care)



Emmy 01-26-2010 07:19 PM

I love Betta Fish, they are beautiful. I always feel awful for the ones at Walmart, the conditions are awful!

I saved two of them many years back, however they have passed on and I no longer have any.

I do have a picture of the male, his name was Blu Ray.

iridehorses 01-26-2010 07:41 PM

I've had Bettas on and off for 30 years (when they were know as Siamese Fighting Fish). My last Betta lived for a little short of 4 years and the current ones are just a year old. They all live individually in 1 quart unheated, unfiltered tanks on a shelf in the family room.

I'll get some pics up tomorrow in natural light.

PaintsPwn 01-26-2010 10:40 PM

They really should be in heated 2 gallon tanks, unless your rooms stay at a constant 80 degrees. A quart of water - I hope you're doing water changes every day. I mean, you wouldn't keep a horse in a box stall 24/7 would you? No. It's just not ideal living conditions at all.

I have 4 males. A red copper dragon HMPK, a black copper HMPK, a white HMPK and a Purple Butterfly Marble CT. I was going to breed the CT, but he looks like he's going blind in one eye 8\ I had females to match them all, but the blue VT killed the Red Copper Dragon and the White female.... The Black copper female survived. Thankfully.. They'll be set up to spawn tomorrow n__n

Here's the pics from the person I bought them from, except for the Copper Red Dragon. He was just so metallicy I took the pic mahself!

Wallaby 01-26-2010 10:55 PM

I love your white betta PaintsPwn!!! He's beautiful! Well, they all are beautiful but he's just gorgeous.

This is my betta boy Gideon. He's in a 23 gallon tank with 6 cories. He's a happy guy. haha
He's seriously about 4 inches long. He's a MONSTER. He loves to chase the cories and basically traumatize them. He doesn't do anything to them when he catches them (yes, he CATCHES them, whoever said bettas couldn't move fast was wrong hahaha), I think he just get's bored and tries to "play" or something.

Before Gideon, I had a betta named Swede that I rescued from my camp at the end of the summer (we had gotten him for our "cabin fish" without a thought as to who would take him home). Interestingly enough, he lived for a year down to the EXACT day, after I brought him home. He spent his time in a bowl for the most part, his last 6 months were spent in a 14 gallon tank. I have no doubt that being in a bowl for so long aged him quite a lot because I had no clue about cycling and water changes back then. =( I don't have any pictures of him.

free_sprtd 01-26-2010 11:45 PM

I just bought one a week ago, changed his water today and within 3 hours he died tonight!!! I have no idea what happened. When I first got him, he has barely eaten anytime I feed him since day one.

I have had bettas in the past and they always last anywhere from a year to 3 or 4. What did I do wrong? I let the treatment sink into the water, not cold not hot, room temp, sadly I only had a 1/2 gallon tank... usually I have a 1 gl.

To the OP, are all your bettas in different tanks? Can I see a full pic of their living environment?

SmoothTrails 01-27-2010 02:02 AM

My betta is currently kept i na 1 gallin tank, but I am seriously considering upgrading him. The flower shop was selling them with water plants in tiny vases, and telling people you didn't have to feed them. It only took a couple days of research and watching him to realize that it just wasn't goingn to work. He will play with me by following my finger around and free-willy jumping at my finger. He even lets us knkow when he wants to play. He'll start swimming around the tank really fast, and then just stop and stare at me. It is so funny. He doesn't puff or get upset, but he knows I hold my finger over his food when I drop it in so it became a bit of a game. He gets fed at least twice a He is just the right size, but I feel bad for keeping him in such a small bowl. I would really like ot get a 3 gallon desk tank to keep him in my dorm.

BurningAmber520 01-27-2010 09:43 AM


Originally Posted by free_sprtd (Post 534444)
To the OP, are all your bettas in different tanks? Can I see a full pic of their living environment?

I have four males in a divided 20gal long(so they have 5 gal each) Two males in a divided 10gal (they have 5 gal each) three females in a divided 10gal (roughly 3ish gal each) and two males in individual 2.5 gal bowfront tanks.

Heres the 20gal

Divided 10gal

one 2.5gal

free_sprtd 01-27-2010 04:01 PM

Thanks for the pics! that's a great idea with the partitions, I'll have to look into that next time I get fish. Do you have a filter or do you clean then regularly? I'm sorry I dont' know much about fish tanks.

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