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shadowanne 01-26-2010 11:29 PM

The plan was to get a liner...
So I needed to purchase a turnout waterproof sheet for my horse on warmer days. I ended up liking the Rhinos and even saw that you could use the Horsewear liner under it. Cool. So I figured I'd get the 100 denier for slightly cool but not really enough for my 200+ denier med Weatherbeeta waterproof turnout.

But at some point in the shopping process I came across Rhino's WUG w/ the high neckline and thought that was pretty cool esp since one day my mare came in w/ wet shoulders in her reg neckline med turnout. So I was thinking this high neckline would be great.

Therein lies the disconnect. I get the WUG and liner today and I'm like... I don't see where they attach. I get home (after leaving the WUG on my mare and taking liner home) and read online that the WUG version is *not* compatible w/ the liner. (I messed up)

So now my horse is at the barn in a new WUG which now I can't return, but can return the $45 liner cuz that's still new.

So my question is, do you think I'll just be ok w/ this WUG? Does anyone else use high neckline turnouts and how do you like them? Do they work ok w/ sitting on the mane the way they do?

I guess I'm really looking for some reassurance. I don't think I *needed* the liner - it was kind of a nice to have anyway.

I live in the PacNW where it rains 9 months out of the year, but rarely snows and temps rarely drop below 30 and it's mostly 50-70 all year. Oh and my mare is turned out everyday for ~6hrs a day, rain or shine and she lays down or rolls almost everyday too. I ride nearly everyday so a clean, dry horse is super convenient.

Rhino lightweight WUG:

Rambo 100denier liner:

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