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aruraeclipse 01-27-2010 05:02 PM

Natural or Organic cold remedy for your horse
Hello Ya'll out there!
I have 2 horses with the cold right now typical runny nose with yellow mucus and a small caugh once and a while (nothing around the eyes as of yet), my little stud colt had the cold symptoms first and after a month and a half, he just gave it to my mare (she just started showing symptoms today) whom is pregnant. I would like to get a natural remedy for my horses, and was wondering if anyone knew of any that I could pick up for my 2 horses, they might infect my gelding and in the middle of february, they're due for a vet check and the stud colt is getting gelded. Anyone use any natural remedies out there that they know work well, and where I can order online? I live in Canada, so I need a Canada friendly (one that is 4 wheel drive that can get to my igloo, lol, jk) shipping company! :p

Nose & Sinus - Cough Preventatives & Respiratory Products

I found this from Jeffers, and I thought that it looked good and would like to order this. I believe the horses got a cold up here because the weather has been right messed up, its +8C and than all of a sudden its -20 C the next day and its been going back and fourth. But the healthier my horses are, the happier I am, and the happier they are! :) anyone's help is very much appreciated.

Ryle 01-28-2010 10:43 AM

"Colds" in horses are most commonly caused by viruses---influenza and EHV. There really aren't any "natural" or "organic" TREATMENTS---this is because they haven't been proven effective. Once something (even natural or organic) is proven (and I don't just mean testimonials where you really don't know what else was givent to the animal, but controlled studies to prove that it's actually the product that caused improvement) to treat something, it then becomes termed a "drug".

kassierae 01-28-2010 01:26 PM

I personally think it would be better to let it run its course. Give some SMZ's for 3-5 days(ish) and leave it.

aruraeclipse 01-28-2010 01:56 PM

Hello kassierae,
I personally agree with you, nature has to take its course too, and the defination of a drug is something that causes adverse side effects, when its natural, it fixes the problem, naturally without "drugs". Its just that I like living as natural and healthy as possible and I do the same for my horses. :) thank you kassierae. The vet will look them over, but I'm going to stick to my natural methods unless its an emergency. I have the common sense to ensure its not going to become an emergency as well. I might get that jeffers stuff anyways and than wait to see improvements and than let the rest take its course.

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