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Whispering Meadows 01-28-2010 10:49 AM

Calling All You Arabian Breeders!!!!
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Ok so I have a question.

I have an Acquaintance/family friend in Cali. who has one of the most beautiful stallion I've ever seen. She was friends with my sister. Well my parents and I had talked to her for awhile back in 2005 when my sister died. Well we lost contact and I found her on an Arabian forum and she told me that we have a free breeding to her stallion. So that made my day! haha. But I cant decide which mare to breed to him.

So my question is, will you Arabian breeders look over my mares pedigrees and the stallions and tell me what you think would be the best cross?

And also look at pictures of the horses? I would but I'm no expert at things like that. I just think my girls are beautiful and her stallion a 'Show stopper'.

Here are the stallions Pedigree and Pics

Moulin Rouge NA (ZT Shakfantasy x SW Positiw)
Moulin Rouge Na Arabian

Whispering Meadows 01-28-2010 11:13 AM

And here are my Girls

Silverina Ansata Levi (Levis Lancer x WSF Ms Baraca)
Silverina Ansata Levi Arabian

Odyssey's Rainsong (O Chad x Bint Baraca)
Odysseys Rainsong Arabian

Odyssey's Paradise (O Chad x MCA Emmas Love)
Odysseys Paradise Arabian

P.S. It probably wont be until next year until we breed them anyways, just so we can save up and prepare for it. So its not like we will be breeding babies (i.e. the pics of Paradise and Rain are almost a year old. I dont have new ones since I dont live with them anymore)

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