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blossom856 12-08-2007 04:35 PM

Crazy Lulu
I had a lesson today and Rosie (my instructor) was letting me canter
alone because I'm teaching her how to pick up the correct lead and to bend around the corners. We were going to the left, which is her most difficult direction. And she wasn't bending to well which threw me off
balance. I lost my inside stirrup and feel forward over her neck. She
took off as fast as she could around the arena. and I was slipping
forward over her neck. I thought I was going to fly over her head for
sure. My face was right next to her ears. She ran me up against the
wall before heading to the corner where all the other horses were
standing. Luckily she stopped before running into Merlot. Rosie nearly had a heart attack. She thought I was going to fall off for sure. For awhile I thought I was to. It was kinda fun but I don't plan on doing that again, lol. Apparently, Rosie had given her extra grain that morning because she's a little skinny. So that was probably why she took off. She's usually kinda lazy. At least I wasn't afraid to try
again. If I was still at my old barn I probably would've quit riding
right then and there. Hopefully she'll be a little less crazy tomorrow.

BluMagic 12-08-2007 04:43 PM

Yup, grain does that! lol. Blu is only allowed certain grains. We've had the best of luck with a show grain and I don't remeber the name right now. I think all the times that stuff similar to your story happened to me, it had a positive remark...

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