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laurenlovesjohnny 01-30-2010 12:34 PM

gah, this sucks.
Well, yesterday i was going to upload my new video's onto my computer, i finally got enough clips for a new video for youtube! My subscribers much think i am dead or something. Anyways, i went to put the memory card in the memory card reader, around 2am, i was super tired and put it into the wrong slot, so it fell into the actual computer.
So now my dad has to take the computer apart when he has the time, which probably will not be for quite a while, to get the memory card.
I really want to make a new video!

sandy2u1 01-30-2010 12:53 PM

It's probably just a matter of taking off the cover and reaching in and getting the memory card out. Just make sure that if your computer is on carpet that you throw down a rubber mat or keep one hand grounded...that way you don't have to worry about static electricity.

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