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Draftgirl17 01-30-2010 10:49 PM

Is it true that once you learn to post it is really easy to do, that its almost like second nature? How long did it take you guys to learn to post? Any tricks to learn how to use your upper legs and not rely on your hands to pull you up or you lower legs? If you have any stories on how you first started it'd help me cause i want to start posting soon. I am hoping that you can start in a western saddle and work my way to my english saddle.
I need as much advice as possible! (i would be riding a haflinger to learn and i hope to ride both the haffie and then a percheron gelding if i can get the hang of this posting stuff!)

justsambam08 01-30-2010 11:03 PM

It didn't take me very long to post at all! One or two riding lessons? I learned on an Appy pony with a horribly bumpy trot, but the way I learned was to listen to the gait, and watch the outside shoulder/leg.

Typically, when riding western, your stirrups are supposed to be longer, and the horses gait is supposed to be smoother, so you sit a trot rather than post.

Draftgirl17 01-30-2010 11:29 PM

I know that if you ride western you're not to post but at home i want to start to try posting, like getting the feeling a bit to see how my balance is before i start with the english saddle right away. I'm just getting started really and i just want to make sure i'm confident before i go trying something new. But it is comforting to here its not hard to get. It just really confused me when i was told you have to use your upper legs and not your lower legs and i'm like...what? But then i was also told that you can feel when it is right and i started to get that. We can't afford lessons so i'm doing this all on my own and i want to get as much advice as possible. Does it help to relax your body and just let the trot "assist" you in posting? (if that makes sense) I'm just trying to get my mind around the concept

West 01-30-2010 11:55 PM

Posting is actually very natural and a great way to control your horses speed. It takes practice getting on the right diagonal but once you get it and start feeling it it just becomes part of you. If you are relaxed in your seat and your heels are down you can feel the natural push of your horse. You can even look down at your hips and see them go forward that is when you lift your behind off the saddle. Your hands should always remain still and in one place.
I post in my western saddle to. Not at a show but any other time it is just more comfy. My mare doesn't go slow ever and if I don't post my Gelding will just stop. He is very lazy.

PaintingMissy 01-31-2010 09:29 PM

When you post I've always been told to post off your upper inside calf and nothing else. Your horses bounce will help you up but you will have to control it too. Keep your post low and not too much out of the saddle and everytime your post give your horse a squeeze to keep them moving. Posting took me a while to get but now I just do it with no problem. I would personally skip the western saddle phase and go straight into the engish saddle. The western and english saddles are going to put you into a different postion that could affect your post and by learning it wrong would only put you behind.

justsambam08 01-31-2010 09:50 PM


Originally Posted by Draftgirl17 (Post 538014)
Does it help to relax your body and just let the trot "assist" you in posting? (if that makes sense) I'm just trying to get my mind around the concept

Somewhat. That would help you keep pace so you look right, but you'll know when youre posting correctly when you feel lots of burning in your lower back, abs, and thighs. Posting correctly is better for your balance and posture and uses lots of core muscles!

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