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sayabear3 12-08-2007 11:46 PM

Looking for advice
I already posted this in the Classifieds section, but I decided this might be a better place for it- can anyone give me some advice on this?

My name is Sarah and I am from Ithaca, New York. I am a senior in high school, and trying to figure out what to do with my horse that I have had over 2 years now. I really want to keep him (obviously), but I don't know if I will have the money/time during college.

Charlie is a 2000 chestnut Thoroughbred gelding, 15.3hh. I bought him in October of 2005 as an off-the-track greenie for $1500 and have been retraining him ever since. I have a feeling he had some bad treatment during the years before I bought him because he has always been extra nervous around new things. The first few months he was living at my barn he would freak out about everything, didn't like people around him at all, and was very headshy.

After 2 years of informal training (mostly just me working with him, and have not had a lot of training experience), he has relaxed a lot. He has really begun to trust people much more, lets me rub his ears and cut his bridle path (used to be impossible!), is usually very calm to ride, loves to jump (though still needs work), and is becoming much more friendly towards people.

He has a great personality, gets along great other horses, has great large feet for a tb, very big and I usually keep him barefoot and he's been great like that most of the time. He is very sound- the only problems he's ever had are a couple of minor abscesses in his hooves early on when I owned him. He's a stocky tb, very muscular. He loads very well and has been to a couple of local shows, and showed in his first flat classes this past summer. He's good for the farrier and vet, just nervous sometimes.

My main worry is that he needs a very patient person and an experienced rider and I don't know if I'll be able to find the "perfect" person for him. He will be a great horse for someone who is looking for a fun project. This horse is so much fun to ride, I fell in love with him the first time I rode him and he's only gotten better as he's calmed down.

It kills me to sell him, but I have a feeling it will be my only option as I go off to college next fall. Does anyone have some advice about what I should do, pricing, and just the next steps I should take in this project?

Thanks for the input! I will include link to his pedigree.


giget 12-08-2007 11:53 PM

you could always offer him for a lease or sharing. because then u get to be very picky about who gets him and u can always keep in touch

sayabear3 12-09-2007 10:43 AM

yes, I have thought about that as well. How do leases normally work? I don't know much about it (who pays for what expenses, how much to charge, etc).

sofii 12-10-2007 10:18 AM

i agree, try leasing or sharing since he's nervous of new people - you wont be leaving him ;)

magik416 12-10-2007 02:13 PM

I leased out my 17 yr old TB when I didn't have time to ride her, and the young girl absolutely loved and treated her like her own - which is what you want. Usually for a lease, the person leasing the horse (the leasee) assumes all costs - board, vet, farrier, etc. You can modify this if you want more control. For example, if you want control over the vet and farrier, you could pay for that. Do a google search for horse lease contracts and you should find some online that you could modify. I would definitely recommend a contract so there's no confusion later who pays for what!

You can offer a lease either where he is now and say he can't be moved (again if you want to be able to see him), or you can let someone take him to their barn - but you're giving up more control. I let the girl take my horse and she showed her, etc. We also had an agreement that if I wanted to come ride once per week, I would let her know and she would tell me what day she wasn't going to ride.

sayabear3 12-10-2007 03:51 PM

Thanks magik, that was a very helpful post. Anybody else have input on my boy?

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