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jethroish 01-31-2010 10:04 AM

Barrel saddle seat size
My daughter is 5'4" about 150lbs. She currently has a Dakota 301 barrel saddle with 15" seat with a fairly short cantle.
At 6' and 210 lbs, I also use this saddle.
Upon aquiring another horse, we are looking for another saddle.
Daughter wants another Dakota, which I have no problem with as the one we have is a good saddle.
She wants a 16" seat. I tought nothing of it and almost ordered one, but now hesitate after talking to my neighbor.

The neighbor, who is a team roper, says we should get a 14" or even a 13". He uses a 13" at 6'1" and 215lbs. He says he does that so he does not move in the saddle. I am going to try one of his saddles today.
I can see how that might be a help when roping, but I would assume there should be different fit for different saddles. Obviously a steer wrestler want to come out of the seat easily rather than be wedged in.

So, for those of you here that barrel race, what size seat do you use/reccommend. I hate to order a saddle without "trying it on" and then have to send it back.

Pidge 01-31-2010 02:29 PM

Im am darn near the exact same size as your daughter...for trail i use a 15 because i wanna move with the horse...for roping or cutting i would want a 13 so i wouldnt move...reining i used 15 so i could move...for barrels i would think you would want to move some but not a ton so maybe a 14?

then again if she is comfy in a 15 you might just get another 15...

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