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tzoidbk 08-15-2014 01:08 PM

What kind of headset?
Okay, so I have been doing the jumpers when I show, and I haven't looked at doing the hunters in 7 years now. I own my own horse now and haven't been taking lessons with a trainer (my friend has been helping me out who does the eq and hunters), but I want to know what kind of headset I need for my horse in the hunters? Like low and flat, hunched over and awkward, etc? Pictures will help me the best!! (This included hunter hack)
If you were wondering why I'm switching from the dark side(jumpers) over to the hunters, it's because my horse cant handle the stress of high jumps in the jumper ring. When I bring him down in the hunters, he can relax a little more, but I'm just afraid the judges won't like him.
I only switched to the jumpers for one reason, time is more fair than a judge.
Give me ALL your input please, I haven't shown in anything but the jumpers in 6 years. I'm glad to switch over and continue showing with my Appaloosa.

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