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MacabreMikolaj 02-02-2010 06:22 PM

The cowboy image?
ROFL, I had a good chuckle over this and I was hoping others could share some insight on this strange phenomona. I subscribe to a dating website (go ahead, laugh it up, I rarely meet people, always chat on MSN when I'm bored) and this guy contacted me. Not a huge profile, but his username is cowboyjiggs and he has numerous photos of himself in full cowboy attire - jeans, belt buckle, plaid shirt, leather vest, cowboy hat, etc. He's not bad looking either.

He messages me, and I message back asking if he rides horses or bulls? His answer?

" is just my nickname"

...say what? Do men actually think that is ATTRACTIVE? Dressing up like a cowboy when you've never even heaved a bale or lifted a saddle in your entire life? I almost feel...outraged that he's being such an imposter! I find the traditional "cowboy image" one of deep respect and pride. The outfit isn't a flipping costume, it serves a PURPOSE. And I see it more and more - you go to bars and guys are wearing cowboy hats and buckles and Wrangler shirts but nope, they've never even SEEN a cow!

So how about you ladies? Are you attracted to the cowboy look or to the COWBOY? I don't think I could ever date a man who dressed like a cowboy for fun because I swear I'd wake up every morning and double over laughing at him!

charlicata 02-02-2010 06:31 PM

This is too funny. I went out with a guy a long time ago (been married for going on 4 years). He looked the part, kind of spoke the part...with a few discrepancies. But when the tire went flat on his truck and I ended up changing it, I knew it was all a BIG LIE!!!! I was P.O.'d at the time...but can laugh at all of it now.

wild_spot 02-02-2010 06:39 PM


I really don't give a fig what a guy wears, as long as it is clean and fits! But a guy with horse sense or cattle sense - now that is sexy :]

MacabreMikolaj 02-02-2010 06:40 PM

Oh charlicata, I'm trying not to laugh, but I can't just imagine! At least when I had to help my city slicker boyfriends, I dated them knowing they couldn't even pump their own gas much less swing a hammer or wrestle a steer. But it's so much WORSE when you find a guy trying to act the macho cowboy and find out his hand's are just as lily white as a 17th century Victorian duchess! :lol:

charlicata 02-02-2010 07:00 PM

I hadn't even held his hand yet. After that, I didn't!!! lol

GoldRush 02-02-2010 07:24 PM

I find true cowboys extremely sexy. They have a self assurance, a confidence that just can't be beat. Guess when you stare down a big a$$ steer, you have to have confidence!
The 'urban cowboy' guy is a poser. I'm more manly than he is!
My hubby was in no way a cowboy when we met. Had ridden horses a few times (rent a wrecks), and that's as far as it went...til he met me. I had a horse, wasn't afraid of getting done what needed doing, and had built up my own confidence over the past year. He was intrigued, then passionate. He soon became a cowboy, learning the ways and means of horses, tho he doesn't dress like one. He more or less dresses like a handyman from the 1940's...carpenter jeans, Henley thermal shirt, and a fedora type hat. I did get him to start wearing Justins, so the rest ain't far behind!
BTW, he LOVES it when I dress like a cowgirl! I have a few nice Wrangler shirts, pink and sparkly, paired with some tight jeans and cowboy boots...his eyes light up, and he loses it! <GGGG>

ridergirl23 02-02-2010 07:27 PM

all the cowboys around here think they know everything and are very annoying, haha so i have given up on cowboys. haha i cant imagine meeting a guy that acted like one, that would be funny!

dressagebelle 02-02-2010 07:35 PM

Lol. Ya I think that more and more guys are seeing that girls at the rodeos for example are going after the "cowboys" so they think that if they dress like them, and talk like them, that girls will be just as into them. I can guarantee you when I go to a rodeo, I can tell who the true cowboys are, and who's just dressing the part to try and get the ladies. One sure sign. The dang boots. Most guys just trying to dress the part wear boots that NO self respecting working cowboy would ever even look at. Makes me laugh when they say "well these are cowboy boots, don't cowboys wear cowboy boots." I just want to laugh, because dude, I work at a ranch. I feed the horses, I have to heft bales of hay that yes do actually weigh more than I do. I have to muck out stalls, and I will get down and dirty, and work with horses that other people have given up as a lost cause. I've fallen off, I've been stomped on, bitten, thrown off, you name it, I've had it done, and most of the guys who try to act like cowboys would be offended if you asked them to dirty their boots cleaning a stall. As a point of reference, I'm 5'1" and weigh about 95lbs.

ridergirl23 02-02-2010 07:43 PM

dressagebelle: that post was lmost exactly somethign my mom would say! haha ( my mom is even around 5'1 too)

GoldRush 02-02-2010 07:51 PM

heeheehee "What? These boots cost me $300!!! I'm not getting them all dirty!"

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