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fire walker TWH 02-03-2010 01:56 AM

TWH's banned from 2010 equestrian games.WHY? RANT
Ive not been into gaited horses very long, maybe a little more than a year. But I have noticed that almost every non walking horse owner has the same stereotyped idea that we all hurt our horses. That TWh are are made crazy by the training methods we use, and they are permanantly injured or ruined.Just three days ago I met a woman who I will deem friend even though she expressed that walking horses were made to walk the way they do by abuse. I corrected her by the statement that pitbulls recieve a similar bad rap in the media and that not all walkers are abused or made to walk that way.Just as not all pit bulls are viciouse man eaters.She owns a pit bull personally and so connected with me in the fact that the majority of these breeds are wonderful animals.Yes some trainers do wrong just like some pit owners do wrong as well.But can we blame all TWH owners and all pit owners for what the minority does?
I could argue about the abuse I see and read about in every other breed of horse known to man but I feel it would be whipping a dead horse so to speak.We all know that raceing is one huge money market, but do people realize that it also produces more unsound and abused animals than any other breed?Nearly every horse you see on the race track is kept stalled near constantly, especially the stallions. They are forced to start raceing before the bones have finished growing and they have developed completly as adults, and once their career is through they are put down.By career I mean a few short years.To rehabilitate them is dangerouse in most cases and very difficult. Did I mention that only a very small percentage actually make enough money to be kept alive and cared for?Did I mention that these race horses are put through drug enhancements, injections and I have even read of a hair brushes being shoved up there nose before the vet check to lower their resperatory rates. But for some reason the public ignores this.They prefer instead to focus on gaited breeds as the bad guys.
TWH's were going to be one of many breeds represented at the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Lexington Kentucky, but they have been banned.
It had been planned since 2008 and TWH had made a sponsorship pledge of 100,000 dollars. After some negative publications in Lexington newspapers the Tennessee Walking Horse was banned. My question is why? The TWH assosiation has went out of there way to abolish the misconception that all TWH owners breeders and trainers use these practices. To bring the true side of the TWH into the public eye would have helped the breed very much and regained the publics trust of these wonderful horses.
I feel that the media tells a one sided story of how things really are,considering that there are thousands of registered walking horses and only a hand full of cases of abuse. When TWHBEA finds that there is a justified accusation of abuse the member is banned from the registration and training of TWH's, the web site and Voice magazine has a web address and articles about their own initiated TWH rescue program. Which I might add has already came into service seizing a herd of abused 80 horses from a farm in TN. TWHBEA is very active in reversing the bad publicity that has been generated by the media. If all TWH owners were bad horse people then why do we all care so much about the bad face that has been put onto our beloved breed?
I dont know about you but I have been excited about the 2010 world equestrian games since I first heard they were planning it, I was planning on volunteering at the games, along with several of my friends. But now that I see the way they are unwilling to let us TWH owners represent our breed in their true form I plan to not attend the games at all and have like wise asked all my horse loving friends to reconsider their plans for the games.
How can the horse capitol of the world (LEX, KY) turn such a cold shoulder to such a wonderful breed? and likewise not extend a friendly hand to such wonderful horse owners?
Thankyou for reading my rant about this and I encourage you to contact Jamie Link (the chief executive officer) and let them know that we support our horses and the breed, and we support our fellow TW horse owners .

World Games 2010 Foundation, Inc.
2010 World Games Way
Lexington, KY 40511-2010
Phone: 859.255.2010
Toll Free Number: 888.WEG.2010
Fax: 859.254.0179 <>

thekat555 02-03-2010 02:07 AM

eh. I knew ONE trainer that put weights on his horses front feet, to make the exaggrate the gaits. I know MANY that dont, But most are enduance riders of course. The TWH isn't my breed so I can't speak much.. But thats BS they banned them.

trailhorserider 02-03-2010 02:14 AM

I just recently got my first gaited horse, who happens to be a Foxtrotter, but the Foxtrotter lady I ride with also has a Walker, and from what I can tell and what she says, the breeds are very closely related. And they are both naturally gaited and make wonderful trail horses.

I think the Walking Horse people need a new image, and since Tennessee Walkers make ideal trail horses, I would like to see them being bred and promoted that way. The Cadillac of trail horses, or something like that. :-)

It's a shame they have the reputation they do, because the horses themselves are wonderful, just not all the trainers are. Like most show folks, they take the horse's natural talents to the extreme and make them a caricature of what they should be. Unfortunately, the TWH more than most.

But the horses are great, so it's a shame they are not promoted more as using horses.

It seems weird that they were banned from the equestrian games, considering how I always thought of Kentucky as gaited horse country (along with the TB's).

fire walker TWH 02-03-2010 02:39 AM

thanks for the replies and your thoughts. I just emailed Mr. Link and raised my concern. Dont know if it will do any good but maybe if enough people raise a concern they will rethink the venue. I plan on calling tomarrow and every day until I get my point across.

Honeysuga 02-03-2010 04:18 AM

Just a case of the few good owners/trainers/riders suffering for the bad ones.

What events was the TWHBEA planning for the Games?

Honestly I don't blame them for banning, sorry but that is how I feel. The blatant abuse was the norm in the big showing circuits until the public made a stink about it and now all of a sudden the association are a bunch of saints and deserve to get off scott free? No, I feel bad for honest people like you, but the majority deserve to not be allowed for a while. The association deserves to be banned for a while for just now stepping up instead of not promoting the abuse in the first place...

And yes I realize that there is abuse in every equine sport, but none as malicious, coldhearted, and ego driven IMO as in big time TWH showing.

Hopefully when the image is cleaned up a little more you guys will be allowed back in.:)

And I am really sorry that you have to be punished for the badness of others...

rissaxbmth 02-03-2010 04:54 AM

so the breed itself is banned what about the other gaited horses?
I don't understand why they would ban the breed at all. There's good and bad trainers in all disciplines but I'm concerned why they would ban just TWHs.

I agree with TheKat TWHs are not my breed by any means but I do love them and have owned one and she was amazing. Gaited horses don't get credit for a lot of things in the horse world and I prefer a non-gaited horse but why just TWHs aren't other gaited horses trained the same way TWHs are?

Jolly Badger 02-03-2010 11:53 AM

Where are you getting this information? It is not true that the TWH, as a breed, has been "banned" from the WEG in 2010. They will be there.

However, it is not the TWHBEA that will be promoting the breed at the Games.

The National Walking Horse Association (NWHA) will have a booth and put on live demonstrations of the breed throughout the Games in order to show and promote the breed in its natural gait, minus the stacks and flailing legs.

Have a look:

National Walking Horse Association World Equestrian Games

JustDressageIt 02-03-2010 12:11 PM

While some good trainers don't sore, some do - unfortunately one cannot deny that it does happen. I'm probably going to throw kindling into the flame, but I don't see this as altogether a bad thing.
A lot of industries need reform, but they need a reason to reform; apparently animal welfare just isn't enough. While I'm saddened that it came to this, at the same time I'm glad, perhaps this might just be the push the entire TWH industry needs to do something about the underground soring. It happens, and people get away with it - that needs to stop.
Perhaps something good will come from this ban, and no TWH will ever be sored again. High hopes, I know, but I'm a dreamer :)

JustDressageIt 02-03-2010 12:12 PM


Originally Posted by Jolly Badger (Post 541391)
Where are you getting this information? It is not true that the TWH, as a breed, has been "banned" from the WEG in 2010. They will be there.

However, it is not the TWHBEA that will be promoting the breed at the Games.

The National Walking Horse Association (NWHA) will have a booth and put on live demonstrations of the breed throughout the Games in order to show and promote the breed in its natural gait, minus the stacks and flailing legs.

Have a look:

National Walking Horse Association World Equestrian Games

Ah, didn't read this till after my post. Well, guess it's a moot point then!

speedy da fish 02-03-2010 01:06 PM

tbh, that doesnt suprise me, i think that too many TWH owners sore the legs and feet so they have just eradicated it :(, sad for the honest and legit ones i spose.

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