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Padrona 02-03-2010 09:10 AM

Poulticing/Wrapping Torn Suspensory/DLSD suggestions
Hi everyone, one of my horses was diagnosed with DSLD, and a suspensory tear. She's to be on stall rest for a long time with her legs wrapped, sweated, poulticed and supported for at least 1 month, possibly up to 3 months.

I am well educated in wrapping correctly and I always use no-bows with a high quality flannel polo, however only for trailering or for a couple of days for a minor strain or small injury. This is significantly more extensive, the wraps need to be much tighter, and the effectiveness of the treatment will determine if she heals or gets worse.

Can you guys tell me which poultices you use that are SAFE UNDER BANDAGES? Also what brand of no-bows do you suggest? I'm not sure that mine are of sufficient quality to be that snug on her leg for that long.

Also need a recommendation on a good track/stable bandage. Again, I own several pair but they are tack store closeouts. My veterinarian said it is NOT ok to use flannel polo bandages for this purpose, so that possibility is out. (Too bad because I just bought 6 new sets of those! :cry:)

I'm not looking to go cheap or get deals. I just want the best products for the sitaution, regardless of cost.

Thanks in advance for suggestions! :-)

Angels Fallx 02-05-2010 12:24 AM

get some good quality standing wraps.
as for no-bows you can check out Back on Track. pricey, but I've heards some pretty great things about them.

I'm not a huge poultice user, but the horses I work with I believe use Uptite Poultice, and they have never had any problems with it. I can double check for you tomorrow if you'd like.

here's some links to some sites that I trust for quality stuff:

Back on Track No Bow Leg Wrap - Horse Leg Wraps - Horse Products - Default Store View

Dover Saddlery - Quality English Horse Tack & Horse Supplies for the Equestrian.

Horse Supplies and Supplements

bouncersmyboy 05-09-2010 12:25 AM

My horse is currently in the rehab period for a suspensory period and I used staysound poultice for the first 90 days with a pillow wrap and standing wrap over it with a piece of paper towel over the poultice. I wrapped both front legs even though I was only poulticing one because it provides even support. It has drastically decreased our recovery time and the vet was VERY impressed with his progress in the 90 days. I did cold hose the ligament for 20 minutes before poulticing/wrapping.

cmvet 05-09-2010 11:39 AM


Did your vet not recommend a poultice and rehab schedule? For me, the products I use depend on the severity of the suspensory lesion. With DSLD it limits some of the treatments we can use. DSLD is degenerative and progressive, and that portion will not improve and tends to worsen with time. The tear may heal with time/rest. As far as initial poultice I usually use DMSO & Furacin to reduce inflammation, along with cold hosing 3x daily for 10 - 15 minutes for the first 3-5 days. I recommend clients use a quilted cotton wrap with a a polo to secure it in place, this tends to slip and should be reset every 12 hours. You may need to poultice for 7-10 days as the inflammation subsides, then switching to a topical anti-inflammatory like surpass can help. I usually have my patients on a systemic anti-inflam (bute) during tis time as well. Strict stall confinement is a must initially (horse Dependant).

Treatments like PRP may help significantly heal the tear without further affecting the DSLD component. As DSLD has been diagnosed I would not recommend shock wave, as I have had a few horses with DSLD degenerate quicker after I used shock wave (I think they felt better on the limb and no longer protected it, over stressed it, and broke down quicker).

Again, I would chat with your vet as we all have different poultice likes/dislikes, and may use a different poultice based on a particular situation.

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