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Hafilein 02-04-2010 11:24 AM

Work "free"
Can anyone tell me, how you train a horse, to do the things you want him to do (for example follow you or walk around you and than turn to you (face you)) without a rope or a halter?

If I try these things with my horse, she may follow me for some steps but than she goes her own way...

So how can I get and mainly hold the attention of my horse?

Spirithorse 02-04-2010 04:49 PM

I think you would enjoy the Parelli 'Liberty' DVD from the Success Series. It answers all your questions in there. Liberty is so much fun! The foundation to the horse WANTING to be with you is the most important thing....if the horse doesn't want to be with you, you aren't gonna get Liberty.....or good quality Liberty I should say.

Hafilein 02-04-2010 05:46 PM

thanks for your answer =)

I already tried some Natural Horsemanship and it worked very good.
It just got difficult when I tried to do it without any help of a rope or something like that.

But I'll go on and try my best and I think the chances are good that it works... =)

Just 'll try it with a rope around her neck maybe. To have a little bid control.

Spirithorse 02-04-2010 06:56 PM

I like the saying, "Online is for teaching, Liberty is for testing." Teach something online, then test that strength of understanding and bond at Liberty :) The only thing left when you take the halter off is the truth!

gypsygirl 02-04-2010 09:06 PM

for following you around, remember at first dont ask to much ! change direction a lot to keep them interested, dont just go in a straight line =]

Roperchick 02-04-2010 09:10 PM

2 words for you - join up.

look up monty roberts.

also stacy westfall she does tackless reining. its amazing

ridergirl23 02-04-2010 11:22 PM

ooooo i have the same problem you have! except thats jsut the way my mare is, i have done evrything with her, and when i say everything, i mean EVERYTHING! haha she joins up with me for a long time, then she will decide shes done and just go her own way, usually coming back to me after a really good gallop!

Roperchick 02-05-2010 12:10 AM

thats mares for you. my colt follows me everywhere but my mare... im lucky if she acknowledges my presense

Hafilein 02-05-2010 07:39 AM

:D so it maybe is a "gender" problem?

Yes, I'll try now to do all the stuff once again (I just start again with working from the ground with her (hope you understand waht I mean))
And than I'll try to do it all with as less rope as possible.

I think there are good chances that it works.

You'll help me if I have more questions won't you? =)

Scoutrider 02-05-2010 07:50 AM

My horses just kind of pick up liberty work. Whenever you're around them, just ask for things without using the rope first. Pretend that there isn't a rope there for your initial request, and then back up your request with the rope. Soon, the horse will respond before you have a need to use the rope at all. The test comes when you take the rope away and you don't have that safety net anymore.

I don't usually set out to practice working without a line. If I do anything like that, it's on a sheer whim, like I'll be practicing showmanship and just take the lead off and see if my horse can still do the pattern without me touching him. Or, when I dismount after a ride I'll leave the reins looped over his neck and let him follow me. It doesn't look like much, we don't do anything too dramatic, at least not yet with Scout. My first horse could do NH lunging in a fairly open area without a line, but that was after a few years of just doing "normal" things with leads and lines.

IMHO, things like liberty and tackless work are just a function of good training, no matter what the label. I know some old trailbusters who have never heard of Pat Parelli or join up who's horses could be ridden bridleless and would work without a lead rope.

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