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MemoryForStormy 12-11-2007 10:05 PM

Growing Up Baby
Ok well my name is Fala...or Cheyenne (yes this is no mistake, the horse and I have the same names) as an introduction. I'm 14 and here is the story:

Two years ago our Spotted Saddle Horse (SSH) mare, Cheyenne, and her own son, Apache, (she's 10, and he's about 7) ended up together...and she was pregnant. No one knew because she is naturally a round, HEAVY mare. She gave birth unexpectedly and the foal was found to have birth defects; his legs were akward and he had a cleft palatte. Milk came out of his nose and he couldn't keep it down. The mare I had formed a close bond with, and from the first moment I snuck in the stall alone with the two she accepted me like her child. I sat with the foal behind that door and he'd put his head in my lap, and her feet would be inches away as she stood tall over us both. We were protected as her children. I eventually decided to name this baby Stormy because one afternoon it had begun to rain. Cheyenne trotted into the barn and looked out at the foal. It was his first rain, he couldn't figure it out to save himself. Curious, he stood in the rain and played in the puddles, splashing. No matter how much mamma nickered he kept on. Since he loved his first storm, Stormy seemed right. His full name..even without papers....was to be Apache's Stormy Dreamcatcher.
My parents took the foal to a local university where the vets told them it would take thousands to operate on the foal, but he'd never be at peace and never be normal. I never got to decide....they scheduled to put him down that weekend. But either way I had agreed it was best. When I heard this news though, I cried and threw everything. I was upset.
He was one week and one day old when he was put down. I had to go and catch the mare when the vet arrived because she trusted no one else. This ended up with that trust being lost, she never bonded with another human again. She became wild. When I tried to tell the foal goodbye earlier that day he knew something was going on and ran from me. I took her into the stall and they gave her two heavy tranquilizers. She stood woozy and after the foal was given a tranquilizer I went in with a towel. I held the towel and lay his head in my lap. The vet pinched the flesh of his neck and he was almost gone. I talked through my mind to him as I had done before as I covered his face. The vet pinched his flesh again to stop the bleeding. I asked was he gone with an expressionless face and she opened his eyelids and nodded.
She commented if she was me, she would have been bawling her head off and that I was strong. I knew he would be going to rainbow bridge though..earlier in the day my cousin and I had bene in the garden digging and drawing things in the dirt when I found a piece of clay in which two twigs had dried to for a cross.
I went inside after they stood talking and left the mare with her foal and finally began to cry. The mare panicked all day and it took about 3 days to get her to let the baby be taken away. I mourned in silence for months and still do. He was buried next to a previous foal who died after only 2 days that was from the same mare a few years back. He was layed on a blanket inside of a strong box where we taped drawings of him and of rainbow bridge, writing, put a stuffed horse, and trinkets for him to hold dear. Next year will be the third year without him.

The stallion (Apache) once more has bred to my aunt's Quarter Horse, Penny, on accident on Valentine's Day. This is a very good mare, who's grandfather was Impressive. She is a broodmare and has three children we still own.
In about another month we should see a baby, I am asking that she be tested for her pregnancy this weekend.
The reason we haven't seen yet is because my aunt has stalled...since she and my grandmother live together and alone with the animals and my Grandmother says she doesn't want the foal, that she wants the mare to have an abortion if she is pregnant.
My aunt has become a bit....rough lately. She has forgotten the animals on the farm which has ended up in one dog with ear mites, 3 goats missing in the woods, a chicken dying, and now one of Penny's children, Teddy Bear, ripping stitches from a recent accident. She also told me one day while riding and excercising Penny (it's rare she even gets on a horse) that she'd name the foal if it was a colt Two-Bits, and went on to clarify it meant he wouldn't be worth two cents. My dad chimed in and said if it was a filly he'd name her Two-Bit H**
I will not let this happen, any foal has a place. With a wonderfullly gaited sire and a well-built, quick, and intellectual dam you never know what the results will throw.
He is a blakc and white paint, she is all bay with a ghost-shaped pattern of a blaze on her forehead. What colors could this bring? (If you want to give a guess please let me know!)

I need as much support as I can and any tips I can use to get through the ridicule I may endure for having a mixed foal. I am confident that she is SURELY pregnant and we have seen movement in her stomach. She is slower and much more careful in movement and has not came into heat.

Any thoughts or comments or questions, please reply or e-mail me!

~*~Cheers To Stormy and To Hopefully Recieving the Gift of A New, Healthy Foal!~*~

TxHorseMom 12-12-2007 12:38 AM

First of all, if your mare is due next month, there is NO WAY a vet will do an abortion. So, no worries there, They generally only do them up to two months of pregnancy and some wont even do them then,

Second, why should you get ridiculed for having a horse of mixed breed? There are LOTS of very nice foals who are grade,

Third, (and I know it's not your fault, you can't help what the adults do in your family) But there sounds like an aweful lot of "accidental" breedings going on. It seems to me that someone needs to keep a better eye on their stallion(s).

Good luck. I hope everything turns out ok. Be sure to post pics.

MemoryForStormy 12-12-2007 11:52 AM

Yes I understand. Well the stallion is now a gelding and the only other stallion is penned alone and has never tried to get loose.

I will post pics of the mare and the stallion so maybe I can get ideas.

I won't bend to the ridicule; as you were pointing it can yield good foals. A quarter horse and a spotted saddle horse..imagine the build! Quarter Horse mother who is bulky and full of muscles. She can turn on a dime. Spotted Saddle Horse father who is active, has a strong gait, and was never hard to train yet has a very free spirit. When the foal comes I can't say I EXPECT a certain look, btu I have a feeling the foal could turn out wonderfully.

Thanks for your help!

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