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crackrider 01-25-2007 04:40 AM

Happy Australia Day!!!

Tomorrow is Australia day in Australia and i was wondering if anyone will do anything special for their horses(for the aussies) and if your not in AUS, what do you do for your horses on special occaisions? :)

sparky 01-25-2007 04:43 AM

Happy Australia Day (for tomorrow hehe)

Umm..we are not doing anything. I think that mum and i might go on a long trail ride, but that depends on how one horse is on the trails ;)

I have never done anything for our horses...probably because i have only had them for almost 2 weeks. Christmas will be fun!!! :D

showpony@heart 01-27-2007 02:30 AM

Happy Australia Day!! Okay so i'm a day late but yesterday i went & rode at a show & it was bloody hot!
I wasn't riding my own horse but he didn't get anything special- but on his birthay i make a "cvake" (not a real cake just a mix) with mollases, apples, carrots, bread and sugar cubers. Do you do anything special crackrider?

crackrider 01-29-2007 03:56 AM

I don't do anything really special for my horses. I just give them a few extra carrots and plenty of pats!!!! I was hopeing you guys could give me some ideas!!! :D

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