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Equusketch 02-06-2010 10:42 PM

Special thanks...
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I just wanted to thank everybody who has lent me advice and shared their artwork in here. I have learned so much and taken my art to the next level because of some of the artists in here who truely inspire me. Though I still struggle with taking my time on drawings, I have since experimented with new materials and techniques. I just wanted to share a drawing I just did that was inspired by both Toadflax and Kayty. I did this entire drawing with just a mechanical pencil, nothing else, as toadflax once mentioned that she uses and I focused on fur texture as I have seen done flawlessly in Kayty's drawings. Though I am not quite up to their caliber, I do feel that my art is headed in the right direction.

I feel though that I have learned from so many other people in this forum, it's just that this drawing was inspired by these two people in particular.


Kayty 02-06-2010 11:04 PM

Liz that's gorgeous!!!! I'm so happy to hear that I've inspired someone and taught them something to help their art work, it gives me a huge feeling of satisfaction and appreciation.
You're drawing is just lovely, and you've improved out of sight in such a short space of time. Very happy to see you've started putting the fur into your drawings too, it makes them look so 'touchable'...(as my dear old mother thought today when I finished my latest pastel.. she said 'it looks so real i could just reach out and stroke it'... and sure enough, she felt the urge to give it a pat and smudged it!!!!!).

Again, I'm so glad you've taken in people's advice, as an artist i do think that you have to learn by taking bits and pieces of other people's advice, however art is very much a personal thing as well and you have to find your own way and your own style. A lot of people think how I work is pastels is strange, but it works for me!
Looking forward to seeing more of your drawings in the future :)

charlicata 02-06-2010 11:13 PM

That is gorgeous...I love the eyes!!

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