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englishrider 02-08-2010 02:28 AM

horse talking too much
OMG! alright everybody here it goes... i talk about horses too much!!!!whenever my friends are talking about somthing i always sneak up a story about horse lessons or facts... and whenever with my family i always try to keep the horse conversation going just to make sure they are still considering getting one one day.... tell me please does anyone else keep babbling about horses? :-)

kmdstar 02-08-2010 02:50 AM

LOL I do! Horse forums have made it easier for me to refrain from doing so but sometimes I just can't help myself. I usually vent to my good friends about my barn problems because I don't want to post them for the world to see, I don't know if they listen but it makes me feel better to get it all out! Plus my mom is horse-y so we're always talking about non-horse-y brother LOVES it, he just loves it! LOL

englishrider 02-08-2010 03:05 AM

lol good im not the only and now i do vent to the computer lol

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