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ashleigh_2904 12-13-2007 09:29 PM

Anyone From England ?? Maybe You Could Help Me.
Hi there I'm 16 years old and my name is Ashleigh. I really want my own horse but I havent riden since I was 7 and even then I didnt get upto a high level. Rise trot was about it lol. I need your help though, I dont want you to let me ride your horse for free. I would like to learn from you. How to groom, tack up, muck out, you know all the stuff I will need to know when I hopfully one day get my own horse. If you think you can help me please reply to this or send me a message, I dont work as I havent been able to find a job so I wont be able to pay you sorry. I just want to come to your stable and watch you and let you teach me if you wish. I live in Eltham. I would prefer it if you were an older woman say 20 because ive found girls my own age are bitchy so if you are younger and not like that then please reply. I'm 5'7 so if you would teach me to ride your horse I need a farly big one, I will be willing to help out anyway I can for you if you do teach me anything. :) please reply I want to learn so much...


I Love Lane 12-13-2007 09:33 PM

i would love to be able to help you Ashliegh but i am in Australia so no cigar.........

HorsesAreForever 12-13-2007 10:18 PM

I would LOVE to help u but i live in maine but i mean if you want i can walk you threw a lot of things over the computer and see if that helps maybe?? and u can ask questions and stuff and ill answer them the best i can ect ...just a suggestion.

btw im 15 ... so u said around 20 so idk if you want me to help or not well ill keep checking back to read your reply..


~MavvyMyBeauty 12-14-2007 11:16 AM

It's great that you want to learn! I'd love to help too but i'm up in Scotland and my horse is a bit batty to learn on.. 8) .

ashleigh_2904 12-14-2007 11:18 AM

Thanks For Wanting To Help lol Maybe Someone Will Live Near Me Who Wants To Help. Lets Hope So Aye...

PoptartShop 12-14-2007 10:59 PM

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I live in the USA.
But, did you search for local stables? They usually teach you a lot, take some lessons! :D

ashleigh_2904 12-15-2007 08:19 AM

I dont have the money for lessons at the moment plus I want to teach myself when I do get a horse. Also the girls at the stables Ive been at just watching lessons arnt a friendly bunch lol so I really just want to stay away from there.

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