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MIEventer 02-08-2010 11:28 PM

Feed Scoop In Pounds...
ARGH! I am going bonkers!

I have been trying to search for a measuring scoop, that has pound measurements on it, instead of those stupid quart scoops that you find everywhere.

When I was working at a Fox Hunting/Eventing Barn, the BM had one of those scoops. It was large and white and it had the measurements in pounds.

1/4 pound
1/2 pound
1 pound

I cannot find one anywhere. It is driving me bonkers! Does anyone know where I can find one?

My Beau 02-08-2010 11:33 PM

MIEventer 02-08-2010 11:34 PM


I could kiss you right now! THANKS!! I am ordering the blasted thing right now!

MIEventer 03-09-2010 09:05 AM

Well, I found a scoop - I am just waiting for it to get to me :)

There are a few at the barn I board at who have the same exact scoop, from Purina Feeds. I contacted Purina and they are sending me one for free.

What I do not understand, is why do to feed stores sell scoops in quarts.....when all feed instructions are in pounds?!??!! Quarts and Pounds aren't even equivilant to one another, you cannot even take so many quarts in a pound or vise versa.

Makes no sense what-so-ever! LOL.

themacpack 03-09-2010 01:59 PM

The reason is that the volume to weight ratio of feeds varies so much that one pound of Feed A would not be the same size scoop - volume wise - as one pound of Feed B. Volume is static, weight they standardize scoops by using volume.

riccil0ve 03-09-2010 08:44 PM

Makes me think of that old question; what weighs more, a pound of bricks or a pound of feathers? You'd end up with a lot more feathers than you would bricks, and I'm sure neither of them would fit in your handy new scoop.

Jake and Dai 03-09-2010 08:55 PM

Smart Pak has one that with the weight measurements for sweet feed on one side and regular pellets on the other which I thought was kinda cool.

gypsygirl 03-09-2010 09:14 PM

i dont really understand a scoop in pounds....

all you have to do is measure out a pound of the certain feed and put it in the scoop & see how much it fills up

MIEventer 03-09-2010 09:55 PM

The one from Purina is made specifically for Purina Senior and Purina Ultium - so it works out great for me :)

Ok - so how does one measure out a pound, if they don't know what a pound is in that particular feed? How does one do that if they don't have a scale? How inconvenient.

I am glad I found my scoop that comes in pounds, to beable to follow the pound measurements on the bag, and to ensure that my guy is getting exactly what he needs :) YAY POUNDAGE FEED SCOOPS!

rocky pony 03-09-2010 09:59 PM

I have a "pound line" marked on my feed scoop and I give my guy that amount of two different feeds. One feed is a pound at the line, and the other is WAY lighter.
They really should change the measurement on feed. Not everyone has a scale around for that, and not every type of feed has its own pound scoop. It would make this all a lot less complicated..

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