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Wallaby 02-09-2010 12:29 AM

breakaway halters and grazing muzzles...
This summer I'm hopefully going to taking Lacey to camp with me for the entire summer. It'll be great.

The only issue is that for the first month or so of the summer the grass will be about 3 feet long in her paddock deal. That wouldn't be such an issue aside from the fact that she appears to be prone to laminitic episodes, if her hooves are any indication. So basically, I'm worried about her going truly laminitic on that much lovely grass, especially since she's a pretty easy keeper.
Basically question number one: with that in mind, do you think a grazing muzzle is in her future until her paddock gets eaten down?
She'll probably be in the big paddock until the herd of 12 horses eats down the arena (which is her home) and then she'll move into the eaten down arena, but the big paddock will have just as high of grass while she's in it.

Question number 2: what type of grazing muzzle do you recommend if you think she'll need one? I've heard that the basket type are next to impossible for them to get off which may be good because she can be a houdini sometimes...

Question number three: I'm assuming that most grazing muzzles require a nylon halter (and I wouldn't want her turned out in a rope halter anyway) and so I'm also assuming that a breakaway halter is the way to go. How do breakaway halter work? I've never actually seen one in person... I've seen pictures but I've never examined one. Are they just normal halters with a leather piece attached somehow or are they special-er than that?
Does any one want to help me find a super cheap one? I just need it in cob size, preferably, and the color doesn't matter in the least (I'd prefer purple or pink or patterned but it really doesn't matter since she'll only be using it briefly).

Thanks! =)

gypsygirl 02-09-2010 08:22 AM

i find that grazing muzzles that attach to a halter work so much better than the ones that come with the nylon straps. a break away halter just has a leather strap, because leather with break if the horse gets caught & nylon wont. i usually use a thick leather halter on my horses grazing muzzle. you definitely want to use something that will break, thats negative about the muzzles that come with the nylon straps, they wont break. =]

iridehorses 02-09-2010 08:29 AM

Under the conditions you describe, I would consider a grazing muzzle but not all day if that grass is the only grazing she will have.

As for the way a breakaway halter works, you are correct in that there is a leather crown piece that is weaker then the rest of the halter. That way if she gets hung up on something, she can pull back and break the crown piece.

You can make any regular halter into a breakaway by taking a short leather strap and putting a buckle on one side and holes on the other. Take the crown piece of the halter and buckle it to the leather strap then take the leather strap and attach it to the buckle part of the halter. You can weaken the leather strap by punching some holes in it.

Hope that helps.

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