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XxemmafuriaxX 02-09-2010 10:40 AM

WOW that seems really expensive!
Hi i was just searching on the internet for saddlerys and found an american one, not sure which part it was from but anyways it looked really expensive!! :shock: i was just wondering is that just that saddlery or in all america??? maybe salarys are alot higher there, but i know that if i lived there i wouldnt be able to aford my horses :-( i live in spain and tack and equipment is relatively normal price lol maybe the website had very very high quality stuff but my tack isnt exactly cheap crap lol

upnover 02-09-2010 11:12 AM

Depends on the brand, quality, store, etc etc. There's a big range to be found here! I personally think most of the best leather goods come from France or England. There is a bit of mark up but I didn't think -right now- it was that much more expensive then buying them straight from Europe. Although, I knew a trainer who imported Selle Francais and when she went to France to go horse shopping she'd buy a bunch of Delgranges at a steal (the $ was doing particularly well during this time) and sell them here in America. She would make money and her clients would get them at a lower price. Sooo... I guess! How much does a well made saddle cost in Spain?

kitten_Val 02-09-2010 11:35 AM

I think it depends on whether you are talking about western or english saddle. Really expensive western saddles are hand-made, and often the maker uses expensive silver (I'm talking about show saddles). I've seen the hand-made saddle in our local store. Absolutely beautiful one, the maker put all those oak leaves on leather. I can't really explain, but looks like he scooped it out (sorry, I can't really describe that). That guy makes just several saddles/year, because it takes really long to make one, and I know he sells them to Europe for VERY big $$ (more then in US). So... It all depends.

Ponni 02-09-2010 04:53 PM

well..i can tell you sth. about my saddle, maybe you can compare prizes. my one is made by "euroriding" (yknow?), the exact name is "euroriding diamant", model: dressage, made of black english leather. easy to adapt on the different horsebacks and it is really comfortable and longlasting. the prize was about 1200€ for a new one.
do you think a saddle like that would be more expensive in the us than in germany?

XxemmafuriaxX 02-10-2010 08:57 AM

well i dont know anything about germany ive never been there but i know the best make i can get around my area is zaldi and my saddle (new and zaldi) with stirrups absolutely everything cost me 600 euros and if i wanted to spend more i dont think it woud be possible lol

My Beau 02-10-2010 09:42 AM

Well 600 euros is 824 dollars, which is about the normal price to spend on a saddle, anywhere from 600-1000 (436-727 euro) dollars in my opinion.

But there are some saddles that go for up to 4000 dollars (2910 euro), they are often imported themselves. Reaaallllly expensive!

Speed Racer 02-10-2010 09:57 AM

Really nice show tack is usually dizzyingly expensive, regardless of the discipline.

I'd love to have a Butet or Antares, but I can't afford either one. I've had to settle for Crump and Wintec. Both decent, comfortable saddles, but neither cost what a better made saddle would. For the type of riding I do, I can't justify the expense.

It's not an 'American thing', it's a worldwide one. The more advanced you go in a discipline, the more you ride. The more you ride, the more you need a comfortable, extremely well made saddle.

If you paid roughly $800 American for your saddle, it's probably decently made. Anything from $500-$800 is normal for a good, middle of the road saddle.

Pidge 02-10-2010 10:09 AM

I know a guy who makes custom saddles based on order. he is a true artist in leather. A basic pattern off of him is about $2000. Get something complex an it can run up very high! He had one lady come in wanting rozes an foxes on her saddle. she was a pro artist an he looked at her sketches an had to "pretty them up" he tooled an cut the entire saddle with the darn foxes an rozes and the saddle came out so pretty he didnt wanna put his trade mark on it...he ended up putting it hidden up under the fender. I dont rememeber exactly how much that saddle went for but i think it was close to $13000 or something...thank goodness the lady was loaded lol she also had real silver an gold used in the conchos.

So a high quality heavily tool custom western show saddle can be mega expensive...that may be what you ran across when looking online.

A cheap saddle just to ride in can between $200 an $500. a middle of the road saddle between $500 an $1000. Not sure how all that translates into euros but not all saddles are super expensive over here lol though i really only know about western saddles....never have ridden english...

XxemmafuriaxX 02-10-2010 10:17 AM

hahah well i have both a western and english saddles lol and my western was more expensive than my english!!!! hahhaa but its reeaaallly pretty lol i fell in love with it and smiled at my bf and....wala next birthday hahahahhahahha

HorseOfCourse 02-10-2010 11:36 AM

About 2 years ago we restocked our tack for show and we got 2 brand new show saddles with no silver. One was $300 and the other was $400. They are both great quality and everything.

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