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Klassic Superstar 02-10-2010 02:00 AM

My Ride today on Klassy pics!! CRIT PLEASE!!!!!
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Well my little Superstar showed me again what a young talented and smart horse she really is. I have a good feeling that when we start showing in two months we will have progreesed so much, growna storger bond, she will be better fit, able to work longer, able to handle working and consitrating better around all the other horses and bigger spaces. (that is my goals for now till ater show season)

Anyways I rode Klassy today and she was just fantastic, even though after are not so great and un-motivating ride last thursday, actauly that ride was really intimdating and discauraging (I cant spell that well) Anyways that was last weeks ride, today I lounged her both ways with side reins for about 25 minutes all together and she was so good in all what I asked of her, we only did 2 circles of canter both ways cause she isnt all that balenced yet on her hind end in the canter.

Undersaddle she was really good and trying her hardest for me, and it ment so much cause last time she was sucha cow, not all of it was her fault or anyones fault just that she is a young TB mare and she got over stimulated on thursday. Today though we were theonly ones in the arena, it was a nice day adn only a couple people were at the barn and doing there own thing so it made it very soothing and relaxing for both Klassy and I, we found it alot eaiser to concentrait. Undersaddle she was forward listening to my seat and legs, really trying to find the contact and relaxed, it was only till the very end wheni was troting her to her hard side that she decided she had doen enough work and that was that she didnt care what I asked of her, she was DONE. Well she tried stoping and I said no by turning her and making her walk forward, then she would stop and back up so i would give my reins, sit up and ask verbaly, and with my seat and she still wouldnt listen and would just stick her head up so she didnt have contact and backup really fast, so i did the turn and walk on a few times and she just got worse and rude and cow kicked ad few times and wheni got ater her or just being rude to me (i just taped her with the dressage whip on her hiney after asking 3 times with leg, voice and seat) so she decided back legs kicking out wasnt getting me to stop her working and get me off and put her away, so maybe poping up with my front feet and standing like a human for 3 seconds will make her stop... I was like OH NO U DIDNT... and this is where I need help. I couldnt turn her cause she would have fallen or almost fallen, i couldnt pull on her cause she might go backwards... so i yelled and she came down so i made her go forward and she did! she walked on and then i made her halt when I asked, walk on, Hlat again back up wheni asked and then walk ona loose reins. I called it quits after that and she seemed to understand she was naughty... and didnt try it again just relaxed and snorted and ater 10 minutes of long rein and walking she was calm and relaxed even more. It was really scary ofr me cause 5 years ago my best friend was killed by her horse rearing and withher helmet she was knocked un-conuise and died less thena week later... it was the worst thing in my life to ever happen. Anyways here are some pictures of today on the loung line and undersaddle. I have a lesson on Thursday at one so Im hoping my trainer and I can adress and better figure out how to prevent and deal with rearing i she tries it again.

Tell me what you see and think is good, bad, what i can improve on mysel with her help her be more forward undersaddle... all that good stuff!

Seahorseys 02-11-2010 10:15 AM

looks like you had a great day with your horse, and her face looks kind, gentle, and ready to receive instruction. Cept in the fifth picture, when she was caught by the flash! I hope you get to enjoy many more days like that. Haha, are you riding in Uggs?

SorrelHorse 02-11-2010 12:26 PM

Eep! I wouldn't ride in those boots! You should have a good heel to prevent yourself from being drug if you were to fall. -shudders-

livelovedobbin 02-11-2010 10:11 PM

Beautiful horse, looks like she is an amazing mover. Very willing to streatch down for you. I would only say that in picture number 6 you are looking down at her shoulder and neack. Everyone does it but be carefull not to make a habit of it, looking down can interfeeare wiht your stearing. And I love the boots but not the best heal suport for riding.

flamingauburnmustang 02-12-2010 02:08 AM

Shame...that is scary about your friend... :sad:

You must definately consult your trainer about the rearing. It is a very dangerous habit that HAS to be stopped. You must always show her who is boss when she is being difficult with you. :wink:

From what I can see in the riding pictures it looks good. I can't really see anything wrong. I'm not sure about your heels whether they are down or not though...can't tell from the pictures...

Keep up the good work though. Just don't let her scare you when she is being stupid. And for serious problems like the rearing, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let your trainer help you with that. :wink:

Klassic Superstar 02-12-2010 11:40 AM

Thanks everyone, and actluy they arnt uggs and they have a big heel so i am not really worried about it cause my boots were soaking wet from the rain somehow and my trainer thinks it was just fine. WE addresed the rearing stuff today, its whenshe says no i am not going to listen to LALALALA and flips me off, so my trainer gave me a few things to do when she decides that she is better then me and it worked yetserday.

Quixotic 02-12-2010 03:07 PM

I just want to mention that while lounging, I would personally either roll up the stirrups or cross them over the saddle so that they aren't bumping against her sides while she's moving :)

my2geldings 02-12-2010 06:58 PM

Oh man, you guys are definitely a pair I would love to photograph. You guys look like a great pair. Curious to see more pictures of you to. You should reach some great heights.

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